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Resolved Question: Was dean martin always drinking or am i remembering wrong?

I don't remember him really being hammered but seemed like he had a few every time I saw him on the Johnny carson show.

Resolved Question: Was Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin a mentor/mentee?

I am writing a report on either Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin (haven't decided) and I was curious: Did either have them have a mentor, or were they a mentee at some point? My report is on their mentor/mentee relationship with someone, but I can't fi...

Resolved Question: How should I choreograph my Dean Martin talent show act?

Two friends and I are doing a rendition of Dean Martin's "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" for our school's talent show, but we have no idea how to choreograph it. We figured we should do more on stage than just stand and sing the song, but considering...

Resolved Question: Who was a better TV drunk - Dean Martin or Foster Brooks?

I have a poll set up on my website -, but I was wondering what you guys here thought. Who played a better drunk, Dean Martin or Foster Brooks? There's no definite standard, just whatever you think is a better way to judge a drunk - who...

Resolved Question: Who was a bigger drunk? Dean Martin or Bing Crosby?

My girlfriend and I disagree. This is why the internet was created, right? Ugh, alright. SO my girlfriend and I have an age difference, and she assumes that all of you answerers are of my generation and not hers. Ages would be appreciated.

Resolved Question: How do I become like Dean Martin from the rat pack?

The ideal man, Dean Martin. Calm, open, honest, funny and always relaxed. I surely look up to this great great man! How do I become like him? What personal qualities should I practice on? How should I dress? What should I drink? Which books should ...

Resolved Question: Fill me in on Dean Martin.?

Yesterday I a friend told me that a close associate refers to me as Dean Martin. Was she likely saying I look psychically like him (I don't see too much of a resemblance other than dark hair - sorry, I won't provide a picture of myself either), or is...

Resolved Question: Jerry Lewis' Nutty Professor is based on Dean Martin. Was Dean Martin a mean drunk in real life?

I thought Jerry Lewis was having a go at Dean Martin after the falling-out they had. Nutty professor was his way of saying that Dean Martin was a different person after drinking some potion as in the old vino

Resolved Question: Dean martin Question?

* You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on. * If I drank as much as everybody thinks, I'd been dead 15 years ago. I don't drink anymore...I freeze it now and eat it like a popsicle. ...

Resolved Question: Did Dean Martin really drink?????

Was he really a total drunk, or was it all an act????

Resolved Question: Dean Martin Song (I love Las Vegas)?

I heard this Dean Martin song on the radio but didnt catch the title of the song. He sings I love las vegas throughout the song. Anyone know the name of it. THANKS There is no song named i love las vegas smart ***

Resolved Question: Since Dean Martin had a nose job and both Sinatra and John Wayne wore rugs, does that make them all less cool?

Dean Martin also pretended to drink whiskey on stage when in reality he was drinking apple juice.

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