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Resolved Question: BNG: A Family of 19 Children?

Both Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and Gil and Kelly Jo Bates have 19 Children. The Duggars have chosen to name their brood of 10 boys and 9 girls with names all starting with J. The Bates have been a bit more relaxed in naming their brrod of 9 boys an...


Hi! My name is Taylor. My husband Heath & I have 10 children, yes I was serious about 10! We are expecting our 11th and last baby in March, and were wondering if you could help us decide on a name. We like trendy, uncommon name with unque spellings. ...

Resolved Question: Can you name all of the 18 kids and counting episodes?

1.) Title of Episode 2.) What it was about ***SKIP A LINE PLEASE. THANK YOU***

Resolved Question: Please answer my Question. I will give someone the 10 points!?

What are the Names of the Bates? (The have 17 Children and have appeared on the Duggar Show) Mom and Dad are Gil and Kathy I believe. Can you find any Pictures of them? Thank you all so much! God Bless~ Morgan

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