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Resolved Question: Difficult question for gay people...?

Ok, I would just like to stress I'm not against gay people imam gay myself. But why do you think God never intended you to be able to have children biologically? Do you think it's fair?

Resolved Question: I have some Q&A's that i need some help with...... can i get some help please?

What do the various sacred Jewish texts contribute to Judaism? How are Jewish ideas reflected in modern western society today? Which of the five pillars shows how Muslims are supposed to treat other people? What is the central teaching of the Qur’a...

Resolved Question: Anyone good at history?

want to help me out with the correct letter in your answer THANKS Jewish and Christian beliefs differ from the Greco-Roman tradition in matters concerning the importance of A) belief in one God. B) individual morality. C) the role of law. D) the fa...

Resolved Question: Who benefits from the game of "let's compare our level of victimization"?

Whether we're talking about sex or race or religion or sexual orientation or any other way of dividing people up, who actually benefits from the idea of setting groups against each other with the idea that each has a collective set of grievances and ...

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