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Resolved Question: Did you know I once willed myself invisible to escape from a knife fight?

I swear I didn't have more than 20 beers that night, it happened. It wasn't like the night I drank 66 beers on a plane.

Resolved Question: Is this going to be a great year for baseball? BQ?

I think it will be. I have made this prediction for 27 straight years and have been right so far every time. Opening day is the most exciting day of the year for me. Even more anticipation for it than the World Series. I can't wait to hear Jerry Rem...

Resolved Question: What happened to jerry remy?

he missed like half the season in case you dont know who jerry remy is hes the announcing broadcaster for the sox

Resolved Question: What happened to jerry remy over the 2008 09 off season?

he was out of broadcasting half of the spring training games

Resolved Question: Big Brother-Who did Jerry nominate for elimination tonight?

I Know he got HOH but I couldn't watch the rest. What happened? Remy and Keisha? Is he trying to backdoor Dan? Did he make a deal with the guys?

Resolved Question: Red Sox Fans?

Dont you hate when you post a question about the red sox and you get answers such as "red sox suck!!" its like, "thats nice...did i ask how u felt abt the red sox? NO." its so aggravating. They are obviously just trying to cause trouble and they real...

Resolved Question: Does anyone remember when the Red Sox made Jonathan Papelbon wear that ridiculous Dora the Explorer backpack?

Oh god that was so funny. What are some other classic NESN moments? Oh- how about when Rem-dawg fell off the table playing the air guitar?... Hahaha. Please share your funny Red Sox memories. Gotta love 'em. If you don't like the Sox, please no hate ...

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