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Resolved Question: Brief history of architecture?

Only has to be a small paragraph about the history of architecture, maybe abit about different styles of architecture. Thank you xx

Resolved Question: What are some differences and similarities between italian renaissance, nothern renaissance and baroque art?

Im doing some homework. I need a little help please. Okay so what are some comparisons you can make between these styles of art? Are there any regional differences in the art?

Resolved Question: How was bill gates a modern day renaissance man?

for my school report. please i need answers.

Resolved Question: Italian Renaissance? Describe please?

i need a description of the italian renaissance. Please help.

Resolved Question: Jacob Burckhardt's definition of the Renaissance!?

Who was Jacob Burckhardt? What aspects of his definition of the Renaissance were correct and which were incorrect? Why is his work important? I've been researching Jacob Burckhardt and am very confused about his definition. Please help. Thanks!

Resolved Question: Leonardo di Vinci: the original RENAISSANCE man: who is your nominee for one of the 20th-21st century?

Although I browsed the category choices, couldn't decide upon one I felt was most appropriate for this question: so-------------------- Leonardo di Vinci: the original Renaissance man("di"/"da", whatever).

Resolved Question: Questions about the Renaissance Period.?

Does anyone Know the answers for the following questions? Please Explain Why are so many changes occurring? What has been going on in Florence and why is it such an exciting city to live in? How has humanism affected the changes in art and archi...

Resolved Question: How did innovation and reform during the Renaissance, Reformation, & Age of Exploration change life in Europe?

I have to do this big project for school based off the above question. I really struggle in history but I need to do good on this so I might be able to bring my grade up. I need the 6 most important people from this time period. Info on religion, ar...

Resolved Question: Which is a better example of a Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci or Michelanelo?

i missed a couple classes but the definition for Renaissance man is someone who excels in more than one fields i get that but i read about both and they both exceled in many fields. the teacher said the answer should be obvious maybe im the only one ...

Resolved Question: What is the contribution of islam to the western civilization in the field of medicine..?

contributions in the field of astronomy, mathematics, literature, geography and art would be good too :)

Resolved Question: What were some of Michelangelos great accomplishments?

im doin this report thing on micelangleo and i nee to find some of his great accomplishments. I have that he made that famous statue of David and that he was a famous sculptor and painter. what else should i put? Thanks!

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