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Resolved Question: Dust storms (Dust Bowl) of 1930's- what time of the day did they hit?

I hope you know of the dust storms of the 1930's that hit America. My question is: What time of the day would they hit? Or was it constantly rampaging the areas? And did they hit North Texas too? Thanks for all the help everyone!! :)

Resolved Question: Is dust or human hair strand 3 times bigger than bacteria?

sorry if I don't understand this but I do not understand the micro scale . Are you saying human hair strand 70 ┬Ám ? How can that be ? doing math that is about the same size of ant.

Resolved Question: Lead dust - one time exposure?

I recently sanded the paint off a smallish toy i once purchased from a dollar store. The toy was no-brand, made in china, and more than likely was painted with lead paint. I didn't think of this until after, however, and I had dry sanded it (fairly...

Resolved Question: How can i keep the dust away? i dust all the time and it always ends up back within a couple hours?

i dust every couple weeks but i feel like its just pointless! I will dust and wipe everything done and it will be nice and clean il come back couple hours latter and there is dust there, not much but still a little bit. i use Ajax spray and wipe and ...

Resolved Question: How much should i pay live in lady to clean windows and dust for one time?

A 20 year old (friend of my daughter) lives with us along with my daughter while they are both attending school. The friend is supported by her parents $300.00 a month for room and board. My daughter has a job, the friend does not. How she pays for g...

Resolved Question: Ten points! What is it meant by "time to dust" here?

-------------------- BABIES LIE - TIME TO DUST The new UltraSilencer is so quiet that you can now do other things while you vacuum - talk on the phone, vacuum while the children sleep or enjoy your favorite music without using headphones.

Resolved Question: Who knows where can I buy dust mop replacement without spending much time?

I'm a busy person and because of that I'm willing to find a nice source where I may get dust mop replacement without wasting a lot of time. Can anyone recommend me such internet source? Your answer would appreciated.

Resolved Question: Can a gaming console break from disuse? Not being touched in a long time? The dust?

It may be just me but after not touching my gaming room in over a year, I found that it was more prone to freezing/skipping and it overheated quick. Also, I seem to recall that the disk used to be silent, but now I can hear it loudly whirring and ski...

Resolved Question: Why it is necessary to replace the dust bag after the vacuum cleaner has been used for a long time?

Why it is necessary to replace the dust bag after the vacuum cleaner has been used for a long period of time?

Resolved Question: Giving my chinchilla's a dust bath for the first time?

Okay so i got 2 chinchilla's yesterday, im hoping to give them a dust bath today... will they just roll around in the dust bath? or will they try to run away? is there anything else i should expect to happen on the first time giving tthem a dust bat...

Resolved Question: How many times is my Chinchilla allowed a Dust Bath ?

I put his Dust Bath in his cage, and he loves using it a lot. Is that to much? Like.. is there a limit to how many times he can have one? Should i keep it out of the cage due to his health? Please help !

Resolved Question: Can chinchillas be in a dust bath for a long time?

i am confused because the people that gave us the chinchilla told us to keep our chinchilla so that there is a dust bath in its cage. please don't ask any questions only answer. thank you

Resolved Question: DUST !!?

Our house gets dusty fast. How can I keep the dust down without having to dust EVERYDAY. This is how much dust I have within 24 hours. Other than dusting all the time, we also make sure our filters are c...

Resolved Question: Will diamond dust on a cz ring wear off over time?

Diamonart, a brand of cubic zirconium jewelry is polished with diamond dust to enhance shine and luster. Will the dust wear off with time and begin to lose it's shine?

Resolved Question: How many times do you have to dust for?

I was just wondering because dust is the most annoying thing because when you dust it just comes right back, more can it really hurt computers and stuff like that ? does it hurt plug slots and stuff,

Resolved Question: What's a good way to keep dust from accumilating ALL the time?

It seems no matter how many times I dust,it comes back the next there any way to keep rid of this?

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