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Resolved Question: Country Song Idea Help Needed....?

Country Song Idea Help Needed....? Ok, So I need a good country song to put on my partners web sight to tell her how much I really love her but here is the thing. We have only been back together for a little over a month. We were apart for 1 1/2yr...

Resolved Question: Speak Now Tour Opening Acts?

Does anyone know the set list for the opening acts for Toronto? I think it's Danny Gokey and NeedToBreathe who are opening. thanks :)

Resolved Question: Who is Taylor Swifts Opening Act for Speak Now?

I'm going to the concert in Omaha NE. I wanna see if they are any good.

Resolved Question: Is Nichole Cordova from Girlicious dating Danny Gokey?

Heard she was dating Danny Fernandes, but then I read some where on the internet she was dating Danny Gokey?? Any one out there know? Inquiring minds want to know:-)

Resolved Question: Song's to Dedicate to your Boyfriend?

I want songs to dedicate to my boyfriends, Here's a list of some bands we both like. Please use these bands plus others similar. I am open for ANY songs. Also you can add newer songs that just came out recently. Thanks (: Rascal Flatts Train Manafest...

Resolved Question: Who is the opening act for Sugarland in Kansas City on June 18th?

I'm not sure if there even is one, but I was just curious!

Resolved Question: Who thinks Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia are dating? LOL

Resolved Question: When does Danny Gokey, Allison...?

When does Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert's solo cds come out?

Resolved Question: When is Danny Gokey's cd coming out?

CAN ANYONE TELL ME A RELEASE DATE FOR THE ALBUM, But that is awsome with the 4th song being finished, that helps a lot.

Resolved Question: Does Danny Gokey Respond to fan mail?

has anyone had any sucesses with Danny Gokey from A I? If you have, please tell me the address and date sent and recived! I want is autograph so bad! also, have you had any luck with other celebs? NO HATERS!

Resolved Question: What do you think of the judges' song choice for the contestants?

I just want to post this thing, bear with me. So four days ago I got rumors that the song choice has been leaked and I posted this question -;_ylt=AqYnH0qy1mBMx3OdohUZwDjty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090508194809AAreoE...

Resolved Question: When is the homecoming celebration for Danny Gokey on American Idol?

I'm in Wisconsin and I really want to go to Danny Gokey's homecoming celebration in Milwaukee. Does anyone know the date, time, and place? Thanks

Resolved Question: When is the hometown visit week for american idol? Does anyone know the date when Danny Gokey is coming home?

I'm looking to find out when is the hometown visit week for american idol? I'm from danny's hometown, milwaukee, wisconsin so i was wondering if ANYONE knew when he was coming in town or when the hometown visit week is? Thank you!

Resolved Question: Who would you most like to date: Kris Allen? Danny Gokey? Matt Giraud? or Adam Lambert?

just asking for fun. ps, I know adam is openly gay, but pretending he wasnt...

Resolved Question: What's your take on Danny Gokey dating again?

Vote for the worst have this blog about danny gokey dating again. His wife passed 2 months before he audition on idol. What's your take on this? Nicole...what up wit...

Resolved Question: Your take on the remaining AmIdol contestants?

Here's mine: Adam Lambert: Rocking. Could take it all. Not sure if he deserves it, I think Allison Iraheta might. But he needs to stop borrowing her jeans and get some that fit. That's my only beef with him. Other than that, he leaves no room for im...

Resolved Question: Do you think so and why! It's about American Idol!?

Do you think Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell are dating and why? And do you like Danny Gokey and Megan Corkrey if why or why not!? I think Simon and Paula are dating! And I love Megan and Danny!! Number one fan of Megan and Danny!!!

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