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Resolved Question: Can you name this family?

Last name: Riley, Jackson, O'Brian, Thompson, Smith, Jones, Hale Father FN: Patrick, James, Jesse, Kane, David, Daniel, Andrew MN: Oliver, William, Thomas, Lionel, Lawrence , George Mother FN: Rachel, Jane, Mary, Katherine, Elizabeth, Nancy, Rose MN...

Resolved Question: English Boys Names, please?

Strong Traditional Manly Old-English Boys names that cannot be confused with girls names. None of the new, American type names like; Jayden, Holden, Chad etc. First names and middle names, please?

Resolved Question: EASY 10 POINTS: Please help come up with names within High School Cliques for a story I am writing?

Hey it's me again, Steve and I will just need your assistance with coming up with names to fit with the High School Stereotypes for a story I am writing, OK here are the Social Cliques, down under, oh and I will need a boy and a girl for each of them...

Resolved Question: Popular names in Britain in 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s?

I would like to know some popular names in Britain between the era of 1960 and 2000, Could you help me out by just doing a list of names from that decade for each one? If you can not do all of the decades don't worry though as even one name would hel...

Resolved Question: Motherly and fatherly sounding names?

I need names for parents in a story. The last name is Farrell which is irish but I don't want Gaelic names.

Resolved Question: How many good names can you come up with using only these.?

Girls: Isobel, Leia, Cassandra, Jade, Jane, Amber, Aisha, Fatima, Rue, Samantha, Rebecca, Mary, Carmel, Diana, Georgia, Alana, May, Linda, Lysandra, Opal, Jay, Phoebe, Susan, Lavender, Stella, Mia, Genevieve, Josephine, Elaine, Zelda, Juliet, Heather...

Resolved Question: What would you name brothers and sisters of these two girls?

What names do you think would sit nicely with Alice + Freya in a sibset? List as many - both for boys and girls - as you'd like! Some other favourites of mine (to give you a sense of my style) are: ♂ Caspar, Frederick, Silas, Henry, Oliver, Edmund...

Resolved Question: What are good names for a baby boy?

middle names could be included. just say any name that you think is good.^^

Resolved Question: Need some ideas for different boys names!!!!!?

any ideas for boys names, something differant, rare, made up,etc thanks

Resolved Question: What would be a good full name for the first name Aaron?

A. Aaron James (CHOOSE AS MANY AS YOU WANT) B. Aaron Michael C. Aaron Benjamin D. Aaron Christopher E. Aaron Thomas F. Aaron Louis/Lewis G. Aaron Richard H. Aaron Robert I. Aaron Timothy J. Aaron Matthew K. Aaron William L. Aa...

Resolved Question: Desperately need boy names?

I have looked at a few sites, but only a few names catch my eye. Anyone have some traditional name lists? Anything would be appreciated.

Resolved Question: Can you list 3 boy names from A-Z??? i kinda copied Genna!! srry but atleast i did boys instead!!?

I really liked doing these so i hope you will too!!! Good luck!! Heres Mine: A-Andy, Aaron, Anthony B-Brian, Brandon, Brady C-Cade, Chase, Caleb D-Damien, Daniel, Darius E-Ethan, Edward, Evan F-Felix, Finn, Fletcher G-Gage, Gabe, Gavin H-Hunter, Hen...

Resolved Question: Kindly suggest me some names?

I am thinking of changing my name completely. Suggest me some good names: first and last. I am a man.

Resolved Question: Help deciding a name for a possible 4th child.....?

My dh and I are trying to get pregnant with our 4th child (fingers crossed). Here are my other children's names Robert Christopher Brian Connor Margaret Grace (Maggie) Having alot of trouble with names b/c my family is so big I feel like everything...

Resolved Question: Any books u can recommend?...?

I like fantasy fictoin books and I've read stuff like everyhting by Kenneth Oppel and everything to do with vampires (well almost) and everything by Brian Jaques and LOTR and Rangers Apprentice and Magic Thief and stuff like that...I LOVE adventures!...

Resolved Question: Whats your favorite boy name???(out of these)?

So yeah here are some names, pick you favorite! Devon Dante Lucifer( i might name a girl that but call her lucy) Drake Jason Evan Dean I like all of them and can't pick just one( i'm not having a baby anytime soon this is just for the future) OKAY T...

Resolved Question: Novels set in Belfast?

I've just read Colin Bateman's "Belfast Confidential". I thought it was a great book and great that it was set in a location I actually know. Does anyone know of other good novels set in Belfast?

Resolved Question: Name help?!?

What are some good middle names to go with: Brian Ryan Brett Dylan Chad What are other boys names you like ? (including middle names) Thanks ! What about: Ryan Zachary or Brian Zachary ?

Resolved Question: Who likes this name ??

Kane... and what would be a good middle name ??

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