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Open Question: Kidney stone of 16 mm?

Hello , I have a stone of 16 mm in my left kidney. i want to know that taking homeopathic or ayurvedic treatment break the stone or just passing through the stone as it is through the urine. and what we should do in this case. i am getting pain norma...

Resolved Question: 8. What is the area of the triangle? A. 4 mm squared B. 9 mm squared C. 16 mm squared D. 18 mm Squared.?

Examination Figure 1--The base of the triangle that's inscribed in the circle is equivalent to the circle's diameter. Also, the triangle is bisected by a dashed line equivalent to the circle's radius. The circle is known to have a radius of 4 mm.

Resolved Question: Converting 1/16" to mm?

I need help converting 1/16" to mm, please help

Resolved Question: Super 16 mm film, where can I buy it?

just wondering where (specifically) i can buy it or what EXACTLY 16mm is, im planning on purchasing it tonight. thanks :)

Resolved Question: 16.4mm ring size (size L) is this a Medium or Small?

I want to buy a ring from Miss Selfridge but I don't know if I need a small or medium since they give no size chart??? A size L is the size guide you get for the more expensive rings...e.g (J,L,M,N,O,P)...My finger isn't big enough to be a large

Resolved Question: I need help with 1/16"mm ruler please help!?

what does 1/16 look like on a ruler in mm can u please give picture

Resolved Question: Can I go to a 16 mm gauge already?

I pierced my ear the other day and I want to gauge it, but the only place I can go to buy some only sell 16 mm as their smallest ones. Can I do it, how bad will it hurt?

Resolved Question: What is the circumference of circle with a diameter of 16 mm?

Yeah.. What is the circumference of circle with a diameter of 16 mm?

Resolved Question: 16-35mm vs. 17-40mm on Canon 5D?

I'm taking a road trip from Phoenix, AZ to Yellowstone in Wyoming. I'm planning on stopping at national parks all along the way to take photographs. Therefore, I'm trying to find a decent wide angle lens for my Canon 5D and can't decide between the ...

Resolved Question: 16 cm = _________ mm, 65 g = ___________mg?

16 cm = _________ mm 65 g = ___________mg 120 mg = ___________ kg 6.3 cm = _____________mm 8 mm =___________cm 5.6 kg = ________ mg 480 cm = ____________m 75 ml = ____________L 198 mg = _________________kg

Resolved Question: Does anyone know the difference betwin 16 mm and 35 mm video cameras? I've always heard but never understood!

In films, what's the real difference betwin the lenses they use? (assuming there is a difference betwin them) I'd like to know what really changes to the viewer.. Thanks a lot!

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