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Resolved Question: What is 18KGERSC stamped on ring?

it is a gold dress ring that was bought on a cruise ship and always thought it was costume jewellery inside the ring is stamped 18KGERSC i can't remember how much I paid , what value would you put on it thanks..

Resolved Question: A ring with the inscription 18KGERSC means what? Would the stones in the ring be real?

Wide band, 3 rows of stones on each side, a good sized stone set on the top. Under the 3 rows is some kind of a gold covering. 48 small stones, 1 large single stone with 6 prongs.

Resolved Question: Are these diamonds real or fake?

I have a hobby of Metal Detecting ,and me and some freinds went on a trip to the florida ''beaches''well i found a ring i think are diamonds{22 small} but not sure if they are real or fake. how would i tell if they are real? here is what it sais on ...

Resolved Question: I need help to see how much a ring is worth?

i have a ring that is gold colored and on the inside it has 18kgersc, it also has 12 small stones and one big one. Im not sure if the stones are diamonds or cubic zerconia. I do know diamonds dont scratch and this one has been through the wash and ha...

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