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Resolved Question: 4 Pics 1 Word Level 244?

I'm stuck on it. It's 3 letters and 2 of the pictures are of relationships (one of which has a skull and crossbones behind them) 1 is of a cartoon skulls and the other is of a sad cartoon boy with a skull and crossbones on his t shirt. The middle let...

Resolved Question: 4 pictures 1 word again?

Pic one is a woman in a bath (zombiefied/zombie) Pic two is a scary cartoon house/mansion Pic three is another zombie Pic four is a skull All the pics are Halloween/horror Words X I G N Q M L V I G E U four letters

Resolved Question: 4 pics 1 word! Help!?

Pictures are: A collection of skulls with pink bows, a figure dressed in black, black hair, black mascara running down her face, A couple both wearing black leather jackets, he has lip piercings, and a girl wearing a black dress giving the finger...

Resolved Question: Four pics one word help!!!?

The 1st picture is a lot of skulls. 2nd picture is a cartoon gothic boy getting rained on. The 3rd is a man and a lady they are a couple and the lady sitting on his lap they look gothic too. The 4th picture is a girl dressed in a black dress, she loo...

Resolved Question: 4 pictures one word help.?

1. A couple 2. Skulls 3. Punk kid crying 5. Girl in black dress The letters B,L,D,W,E,R, O,D,M,W,L,Z

Resolved Question: Need help with level 144?

Pictures: 1. Skulls 2. Guy holding girl in lap 3. Cartoon boy crying in the rain 4. Girl holding middle finger in the air with a black dress on

Resolved Question: What's the answers to the game 4 pictures 1 word for android level 125? Please help!!?

It's has a pictures of skull heads, a person standing in the rain, two people a guy and a girl sitting on his lap, and a girl standing in a black dress. I need help I can't figure it out its a 3 letter word. the letters are E,E,Z,H,O,O,U,M,Q,J,E,F he...

Resolved Question: 4 Pics 1 Word help. I've listed the details below. Hope someone can help!?

I cannot figure out this level for the life of me! The pictures are: 1. a bunch of skulls with bows on their heads, 2. A cartoon person standing in the rain with a black shirt with a skull on it, looking sad. 3. A girl sitting on a guys lap. They're ...

Resolved Question: 4 pics 1 word level 120?

A picture of skulls, animated girl with dripping mascara from her eyes , a couple , and a girl in a black dress flipping the middle finger. Letters are: Y V P Y H T E N M M O I a 3 letter word

Resolved Question: Level 69 4 pics 1 word?

Can't figure it out. One pic is a plate of fish another is some symbol similar to this {: but the line is slightly curved more and two pictures of some instrument maybe a violen or base not sure. Any ideas ?

Resolved Question: Need help with 4 pics 1 word?

There's a baby, chocolate, some colorful suckers, and a dog&cat

Resolved Question: Some questions to Jehovah Witnesses?

1) The greek word for an upright stick/ tree is "xylon" but some people that support that Jesus was hung on the cross, say it is used in "Koine Greek" which was not used in the bible or something. I'm not exactly sure, but something about Koine Greek...

Resolved Question: What do the words on my shirt mean?

I bought this shirt, and it says "Flying Squad Foad Scabs" on it. There is a picture of a skull and crossbones on it. What do the words mean?

Resolved Question: What is something easy to draw, can be drawn using white, and symbolizes emptiness?

I have to draw something representing emptiness (or the absence of morals), containing the color white (because white is the symbol), that contains the WORD white at least one time, and does not have any other words in the picture. any help is great...

Resolved Question: Dingbats Puzzle Help I'm Stuck :(?

Can anyone please help me on these: 1. The word THING written in large letters with us written twice to the right of it - the words are 4,5,2,6,4,4,2,2 2. A podium type picture with i in first place, u in second place and nothing in third place - t...

Resolved Question: Brain Functions and Damage?

Here are some questions I have answered with what I think is the right answer. Can someone please review it? Thankyou! Identify the area of the brain that has been damaged or affected in the following descriptions. 1. After a car accident that dam...

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