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Resolved Question: 4 pics 1 word for windows phone im on level 138?

There's trees, two buildings with towers, and a bridge its a 5 letter word I know the middle letter is A my letters are H I A L C O Y H X K J W X T PLEASE HELP!!! I've been on this level for 3 days now

Resolved Question: 4 pics 1 word need help level 138 please !?

Help please! 5 letters 2 pics of atoms Lady with mask (green eyes) 4 computers 3 with happy face one with sad face Letters are R A S L M K H I X N V U

Resolved Question: 4 pics 1 word level 138?

The 1st picture : A witch holding aa book. The 2nd picture : A thread doll. The 3rd picture : Alphabets A to Z. The 4th picture : A frog with a crown on his head. The letters provided is R,P,T,H,E,T,Z,L,E,K,S,L

Resolved Question: 4 pics 1 word help....level 138 Android?

3 letters.....purple background with white skulls, cartoon girl standing in the rain mascara running, girl sitting on guys lap he has face piercing, girl in black with back turned giving middle please

Resolved Question: Whats the word 4 pics 1 word level 138?

There is a picture of flowers banded together, a picture of a bunch of keys on one key ring, a grape vine, and some more flowers. The letters are u, m, f, h, n, h, b, f, c, g, r, f. Please help!

Resolved Question: Help! level 138 of 4 pics 1 word!!?

I am stuck on level 138! It has a picture of the letter 'A' made up of gears, the letter 'E' made up of grass and the letter 'I ' that looks like computer writing and the letter 'O' made up of wood. The answer is 6 letters long and the possible let...

Resolved Question: 4 pics 1 word level 138?

A kid jumpin fron one cliff to another one guy holding two playin card another guy holding 3 playing cards letters are g-u-f-i-b-c-f-p-u-a-a word is 5 letters long second letter is l

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