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Resolved Question: What were the glowing birds I saw tonight?

My boyfriend and I were walking the dogs at about midnight tonight. I looked up and saw about 5 to 7 glowing large creatures that looked undeniably like birds. I instantly pointed them out to my boyfriend and we both just stared in awe. They were ...

Open Question: 4 pictures 1 word game? what is the word that shows four types of birds?

Three of the birds are white and big. Another if gray and smaller. They all have large beaks . The letters are KRGEVKGPTEE. Thanks for any help. Sorry, there are 5 letters!!!

Resolved Question: What's the word help?

4 pictures of white birds. 5 letter word. Pewrb. Toeang

Resolved Question: What's the answer?

5 letters each picture has a white bird

Resolved Question: 4 pics 1 word level 5! help!?

okay so the there's 4 pictures. the top two are crank thingies in the sky. and the bottom two are two white birds flying. I think it has something to do with high in the sky. because all four backgrounds is the sky. oh yea and its a 5 letter word.

Resolved Question: What's the word help?! Please?

It's a 5 letter word. The picture are all white birds 2 of them are by a bay/sea. Please help

Resolved Question: What's the word game #37?

All 4 pictures are white cranes (bird) Word is 5 letters HGRETDEBSGHS

Open Question: Whats the word help?!?

4 pictures: white bord in each white bird has a long neck!? 5 letter word! Letters: ROERTEEGYET

Resolved Question: Level 38 WHAT'S THE WORD?

4 pics of white birds.? 5 letters

Resolved Question: Help on word? Game !?!?!!?

It is all white flamingo lookin birds, and it is 5 letters long, the letters are g,r,e,e,k,t,c,r,p,g

Resolved Question: What's the word level 38? Helppppp?

Pictures of all white birds LRJTLKFEEGZ 5 letter word Figured it out "egret"

Resolved Question: Answer to "whats the word" game app?

it has a picture of 4 white birds, its 5 letters long... i cant figure it out

Open Question: What's the Word app?

It's 5 letters, it's pictures of the same white bird with a really long neck, the letters are l t m c r q e g e q f

Resolved Question: Christmas carol riddles..the one who finds the most = 10 points!?

find the synonyms for each read each one..u may find some obvious examples: 1) White metallic bellows = silver bells 2) A quiet evening = silent night 3. Happiness to Earth = ? 4. Cards the corridors with branches of berrie...

Resolved Question: ***RaNDOM PoLL***?!?

1. What color is your sky right now? 2. Favorite Jonas? 3. Early Bird or Night Owl? 4. Favorite color? 5. Favorite Letter of the Alphabet? 6. Pencil, Pen, or Marker? 7. Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus or Neither? 8. Do you like go-karting? 9. Do you pl...

Resolved Question: Can somebody help me about a bird?

Does anybody know Eurasian bird, found in swamps and ponds, with a long red bill. Plese enter a list of maybe 3 or more Thanks, Tom It's a crossword clue. "Eurasian bird found in swamps and ponds with a long red bill" Two words. First word 5 lette...

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