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Resolved Question: When the Wall St bubble bursts, will there be an economy left?

The DOW is flirting with 17k. The DOW has risen every year since 2009; meanwhile, we the peons on Main St have seen a .73 growth in GDP over the past four years. Is there any doubt of another bubble? So when this Keynesian bubble pops, and those ev...

Resolved Question: What are the secret words to get free silver at a bank ?

There is a sales pitch by a "Stansberry" trying to get you to subscribe to something. Anyone know the secret 5 words ?

Resolved Question: Why do all church Ministers or Pastors get paid for preaching from the pulpit ?

In contrast to Jehovah's Witnesses who serve as Elders and Ministerial servants, voluntarily, without getting paid ? Ohenesco - Educated Ministers are better skilled at stealing money from their church members. Cognosti - No, you're wrong again. The ...

Resolved Question: Here is a conflict that "hits home" for the military to try and fix?

Are you familar with what the banks have and are doing to people of United States? Well, it affects you also. I will try and share making it easy to understand but search it online for more details. Here it is: 1. One of the great things of belonging...

Resolved Question: Spiritually speaking, is the world as we know it about to change?

Should we make a run on the banks? Sheepel, I think now is a good time for you to take as much currency out of the bank as possible and invest it into money(gold and silver). It is inflation proof, so you buy money with your currency and if your curr...

Resolved Question: How to clean a bucket of dirty coins??? even if one by one but not preferrable(10PTS)?

i have a bucket of pennies (mostly), nickles, dimes, and quarters tha t the bank said they wont take. my mom tried to clean them but it didnt turn out good! i have at least $10 in there because m grandma gave me a penny bank of about $10 worth of ...

Resolved Question: What PROBLEMS are going on in America?

I ain't American. I'm a South Korean here in South Korea. But all my life I have loved and admired America - the land of freedom and opportunities. I simply adore the music that the country churns out! (Taylor Swift, Owl City, The Oasis, Maroon 5, et...

Resolved Question: I want an Xbox 360 but I’m not sure about a few things.?

First of all, let me say this. Please don't compare or even mention other the other consoles. I have a Wii and I'm very happy with it, and I DON'T want a PS3. EVER. No amount of convincing is going to change that. Please don't list any games because ...

Resolved Question: Give an in-depth description of the impact that exploration had on the transition from medieval culture to the

renaissance. I need this for an essay & if some of you can just give me some ideas it would really help. Also, my sourse is supposed to be The Medieval Mind, by William Manchester so if you have read that, please give me some ideas.

Resolved Question: Anyone been on the Ozbus?

I'm thinking of going next year and would like to know how your experience went

Resolved Question: How can I leave the UK and go and work in Austraila for a year or so?

How do I go about it, and finding work before I go there? My girl mate is moving there in Oct for a year and she said I should go with her! I am so sick of London life and feel I'm waisting away and would love to just go and live in a different cou...

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