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Resolved Question: What does Cash Cab 7n78 mean?

Vanity plate 7N78 on CA$H CAB means?

Resolved Question: What does the cash cab's license plate mean?

I was watching cash cab and the host said it had a vanity plate it is "7n78". What does it mean?

Resolved Question: What do the vanity license plates (7N78) on the Cash Cab mean?

The Cash Cab, a show on the Discovery Channel, has vanity license plates, and the host, Ben Bailey, asked to see if we knew what it meant. So what does the plate mean? The number is 7N78.

Resolved Question: Does anybody know Cash Cab's license plate?

Does anybody know the current license plate of the Cash Cab? I know that it is a toyota minivan, but im in nyc and it would be soooo cool to c it!

Resolved Question: What does 7N78 mean?????????????

Ben bailey from the cash cab said that it is the personalized license plate of his taxi? I can't seem to figure it out. thanks!

Resolved Question: Does anyone know what 7n78 means on the cash cab?

On one of the episodes of cash cab, he said that the license plate says 7n78. Does anyone know for sure what this means?

Resolved Question: What does the license plate 7n78 stand for on cash cab?

The game show cash cab on discovery Channel, Ben Bailey asked what his license plate number stands for. The plate number is 7n 78.

Resolved Question: Cash Cab in NYC?

Have you or anyone that you know ever been on Cash Cab? If so, how was your experience?

Resolved Question: Vanity Plate?

What does 7N78 mean? don't say it doesnt mean anything because i know there is a meaning behind it. =] thanks. and i dont know the person who owns it. and yes i know it is the plate number on the cash cab.

Resolved Question: Cash Cab Vanity Plate meaning.?

The TV show "Cash Cab" has a vanity place. It's 7N78. Do you know what it means?

Resolved Question: What can you tell me about the Cash Cab in NYC?

My daughter & I will be going there soon and wonder if it's marked as being the Cash Cab. How does it work? Give all details, please.

Resolved Question: What's the best way to get on the CASH CAB tv show?

I'll be in NYC in a few weeks. Is there a certain time or usual route?? I know it's a Yellow van, and is followed by a black SUV for filming purposes, but any other tips??

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