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Open Question: Who wrote the book "A Book I ll Never Write" or where can someone find this book?

I really need to know the answer ugh I have been looking for this book for FOREVER. Pleaseee let me know where I could find it or who wrote it! Thankss

Resolved Question: Books never written yours forever by the incompetent bullfighter by?

Yours Forever by _._._._._._ _ _._._._._._ The incompetent Bullfighter by _._._._._._ _._._._._._ It's not Ben Mauled and Eva Enluvwitchu

Resolved Question: Have you ever manged to write something that was close to a book you've never read before?

A few years back I was writing a "novel"(Looking back, I believe it had some "promise" but it was ultimately like bad fan fiction). I had written a few short chapters in kind of small type before just ditching the entire thing due to a lack of dedica...

Resolved Question: How do I stay committed to writing a book?

I got this great idea for a book, but I've been working on it for 5 hours and I'm only on page 3. How do I dedicate myself to this story? I really want to write it, I just don't know how.

Resolved Question: Opinions: Oh great, Stephenie Meyer is writing a mermaid book?

I heard the Stephenie Meyer is writing a book about time traveling mermaids... This is just great. This is a loss for those undiscovered writers of mermaids who will now have their book forever compared to her's...(You can guess what "Undiscovered Wr...

Resolved Question: I've been trying to write a book for forever, but I keep hitting blocks!?

I know some of you might think this is in the wrong section, but I am asking for teen opinions. First of all, I love writing and I really want to write a short novel for teens/teen girls. But whenever I write, I get so far, and I hit a block. And som...

Resolved Question: Books never written work sheet?

Yours forever by and the incompetent bullfighter by. I saw the other answers but it they don't work out...

Resolved Question: Books never written algebra with pizzazz 127?

i do not get it whatsoever!!! yours forever by _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the incompetent bullfighter by _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ???? any answers omg.

Resolved Question: Why would this person feel the need to insult fiction authors seeing as how he has never written a book?

There is a person in the Gender and Women's Studies section who is often insulting anyone who is not like him and will say they are of low intelligence. But recently he has insulted fiction authors. I really don't get his big-headedness. Read the se...

Resolved Question: Book writing help please!?

i am writing a book called midnight its about this boy who gets turned into a vampire by this other vampire called menworth. Midnight It was midnight and when the church clock struck 12:00 my life completely changed. Never again could I be Jay Chro...

Resolved Question: Books never written:?

"Yours Forever" by who? "The Incompetent Bullfighter" by who? Algebra with pizzazz 127 Yours Forever author's name is _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ Incompetent Bullfighter author's name is _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _

Resolved Question: So i have to write 15 pages on a book i never read?

So i was suppose to read a book but it got stolen then i completely forgot about it. It's an outside reading book for english and i'm a pretty decent bullshitter but 15 pages is really impossible sounding right now. So if you have ANY, any informat...

Resolved Question: In the Twilight books i saw that there was an alternative book that follows Twilight. Forever dawn?

So.. Forever Dawn? i don't think she published it.. is there a way i can read it online?? She said she wrote 700 pages and it is the book after twilight if there was no New Moon and Eclipse.. I wana read it!! Tell me how.. i thought it would be poste...

Resolved Question: What is the book "The Truth About Forever" about?

It's written by Sarah Dessen and I was wondering if it's a good book to read.

Resolved Question: What are all the books that Stephine Meyer has wrote!?

I loved her saga Twilight and I want to know some more books that she has written!

Resolved Question: Everytime i read a book i stop writing a certain story help!?

ok like i started reading a war book and then i wrote a story about a boy whos constant life is battle... then i read many books about dragons and now im writing about dragons im almost done with the dragon book tht im reading and i dont wanna stop w...

Resolved Question: Im writing a 6 paragraph story on Dracula I read the book but ive never seen the movie?

I need two more paragraphs...ok 1st paragraph is about transylvania, 2d paragraph about vampires 3rd paragraph is about his name, and how Dracul mean devil and "a" means son of 4th paragraph is about how dracula was sold of to turks I nee...

Resolved Question: Im writing a book....PLEASE READ !?

and im typing the manuscript on Word. How many pages is equivenlent to a chapter in a book. I wrote 7 pages on Word and im wondering is that enough for a chapter? ITs just confusing because book pages are smaller than the pages on word.

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