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Resolved Question: I have 100+ subscribers on YT, but Im only getting 10 to 20 views?

We started about a year ago and we quickly started to get 70 to 200 views a video, even though our content wasnt great. From there our videos averege around 50, thats ok. Over the year our content got better as well as the quality and we got more sub...

Resolved Question: Buying a pet rat!?!!?

I want to get pet rats but not sure where to get them. I'm not sure if there are any breeders around me.

Resolved Question: Why do veterinarian offices charge so much to alter a dog when S/N clinics can do the procedure for much less?

Alter=Spay/Neuter Something I've been wondering for awhile-Most would say it's because veterinarian offices do a better job at the procedure. But I've seen the work of veterinarian offices and S/N clinic and, at least the one by me, they do the same...

Resolved Question: The hip dilemma - high energy dog?

My newest Border Collie foster is HIGH energy and high drive. We always joke that he is the defintion of a stereotypical border collie. He could run for five hours and still have energy to do more, etc. But, we noticed something strange about hi...

Resolved Question: Female Hedgehog names?

I'm getting a baby hedgehog in December and I have no clue what to name her. I have a bunch of boy names thought out lol. I'm looking for a name that isnt corny, like Quillow or Prickles. Just a cute name, that you could give to any pet. here's a ...

Resolved Question: Spouses - if your country had this kind of law?

What would that look like in your country? What impact could that have on your marriage? My ex, well let's just say he would have had to declare bankruptcy. Oops, silly me, here's the link:

Resolved Question: Help in studdyy guide?

1) Observations involving numbers are known as A. qualitative observations. B. hypothetical observations. C. quantitative observations 2) A possible explanation for a set of observations is known as A. data. B. a hypothesis. C. an inferenc...

Resolved Question: Why do I need so much sleep? 24 hours and I'm still tired?

During school, i would get home, and immediately go to sleep. i would maybe wake up for an hour or two to do homework and eat, then it was straight back into bed. i have to get up at 5 am. now that it's summer and i can sleep as much as i like, I've ...

Resolved Question: Reasonable prices for Great Danes?

Is $250 a reasonable price for a Great Dane puppy, or are they usually cheaper? Thanks. Hey, thanks guys. I thought it was expensive. I guess I'm just cheap. I'm not selling them, I'm buying one for someone. Oops, I meant from not for.

Resolved Question: Sub Box Plans help needed ?

I want to build a vented sub box for the back of my van can anybody help The space i have is about 12" back to front 2' 6" high and 4' side to side I would like it with a clear front panels and subs at 45 deg anyone help with plans thanks Qms (Q...

Resolved Question: Whats the definition of a Puppy Mill or Back yard breeder?

I hear that term on T.V all the time.Just curious :)

Resolved Question: What is derived quality?

help stupid gay science homework. i meant quanity! oops sorrryy

Resolved Question: When is the wii going to have more quality fps?

I already have prime 3 moh vanguard and heroes. When are there going to be more. Dont tell me to get a 360 or ps3 because i already have them. I prefer fpses on the wii because of the better controls. I still want more fps. I also want more online th...

Resolved Question: YAPPERS: About last night, was it the loveliest night of the year?

>>>jongbong, throw one up here >>>to aref: Demi Moore movie is with Rob Lowe. And yes, am familiar with the "Desert Song"....nice lyrics indeed by Hammerstein II.

Resolved Question: Fantasy Baseballl help..find a replacement for Jermaine Dye?

im in a 6 person league with my offense is flat out AMAZING but Jermaine Dye is just killing team looks like this C-Victor Martinez 1B-Pujols 2B-Utley SS- Hanley Ramirez 3B-A-Rod LF-Soriano CF-Sizemore RF-Dye (no bench offensive ...

Resolved Question: Cure to a case of the sleepiness?

Im a extreamly energetic person im 11 years old im not sick but im soooo tired for some reason today but yesterdaY I WAS ENERGETIC I HAVE NO SLEEPING PROBLEM I GOT A BLOOD check like a week ago and they said i was good is there any energy boosters im...

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