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Resolved Question: Why are there planes still flying over western Russia (near Eastern Ukraine)?

Looking at the flight radar I can still see dozens of planes flying on the Western Russian border (near eastern Ukraine), albeit there are no actual planes over Eastern Ukraine. I thought Western Russia was the 'danger' zone where the separatists are...

Resolved Question: What are major characteristics of Near Eastern Art?

having trouble on my final paper describing this. what are the basic, general, major characteristics of near eastern art? any help? Thanks!!

Resolved Question: Why our knowledge of ancient near eastern art is far from our knowledge of ancient near egyptian art?

Why our knowledge of ancient near eastern art is far from our knowledge of ancient near egyptian art? Please help me ..any ideas

Resolved Question: Why were the ancient greeks more cosmopolitan than their Near Eastern neighbors?

im going to college and im taking this humanitites class and i would really be thankful if anybody can help me with these questions. thanks! :) Sarah J

Resolved Question: Colleges to major in middle and near eastern studies?

I live in New York so I'd prefer a college in the north east, but anywhere is fine. Even out of the us. Ignoring my GPA and qualifications for the school. I just want some new schools to consider because most schools don't offer this.

Resolved Question: What is the DNA Haplogroup of Near Eastern peoples, circa 8000 BCE?

A popular theory is that following the end of the last "ice age", Europe was re-populated by people from the Near East (between about 10-6000 BCE). They introduced such things as agriculture, animal husbandry, woven fabrics, etc. My question is, does...

Resolved Question: Are italians closer geneticaly to iberians or greeks near eastern people?

some people say people north of rome are closer to spanish portugese and french but then south of rome the italians show more greek near eastern affinities? and central italians have etruscan and near east anatolian affinities but southern italians h...

Resolved Question: Does anyone know of any websites that discuss Ancient Near Eastern Households? Thx and may...?

...GOD bless<>< The topic is Ancient Near Eastern Households and my professor excepts 10 or more of the best websites out there to be presented on this topic. So far, I have not found too many that display this type of quality. Thank you for the he...

Resolved Question: Near Eastern and Hebrew religion?

What was the common nature of Near Eastern religions before the emergence of Hebrew religion?

Resolved Question: Anyone have horse for sale near eastern PA?

Horse: 16+hh 3-8 years old Mare or Gelding hunter/jumper Any color $0-$6000

Resolved Question: Ancient Near Eastern Civ degree questions?

So I'm looking for colleges to go to and I really want to pursue Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations (preferably with a concentration in ancient Egypt) but I just realized that I have no idea what I can do with that degree. So my question is two fol...

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