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Resolved Question: Parsley stuck in vagina?

Okay so I inserted parsley in my vagina to induce my period. It said to stick it far up. Well I did. Now I can't find it. Will if hurt me ? Will it naturally come out ? I could barley even put one finger in to get it let alone two. Please help

Open Question: How so you make your period start when it's late!?

I've heard of using fresh parsley by sticking it up your vagina but I was wondering if you could do the same with flakes? And anymore suggestion would be great!

Resolved Question: How to make your period come sooner?

I've heard of using fresh parsley by sticking it up your vagina but I was wondering if you could do the same with flakes?

Resolved Question: What part of the parsley do you insert into the vagina?

I bought parsley for menstruation since my period is late. Do I insert the stick or the leaf of the parsley?

Resolved Question: What are natural ways to cause miscarriage ?

I want to have a miscarriage because I can't afford to have another baby I was told castor oil and parsley tea would do the trick is this true?? And I read that if I stick parsley into my vagina and do this for 24 hrs that it will help with passing t...

Resolved Question: If i stick parsley up my vagina will my period come sooner?

This is a serious question, i really need my period to come really soon because on the 23rd im going out and i cannot afford to have my period+ I cant delay it until after because i cant have it on the 30th either, grr periods, i wish i never had you...

Resolved Question: How to make my first period come faster.?

Hi, I'm 13 and need some help in the period department. Im about 5'4" and 115 lbs. I am very active and eat healthily. I also snack a lil. I have had dischage for over a year and a half now. I have also have pubic hair for a bout a year. My boobs a...

Resolved Question: Help! Could this be stuck in my cervix?

I stuck a parsley pessary to induce my period because I was irregular. This seems like a stupid question, but could the leaves possibly be stuck in my cervix? Or would my cervix be too tight for it to enter? I'm almost absolutely certain I took all ...

Resolved Question: Have anyone ever heard of using parsley to start labor?

I'm 39weeks pregnant and I really can not imagine going another week of being pregnant my friend told me that I should try sticking some parsley up my vagina idk if she was being funny because she knows how bad I wanna have the baby or if this is tru...

Resolved Question: Period is late.. but I'm not pregnant and usually have regular periods. Why is it late!?

Last month my period came a littlee bit late but it came on like the 5th or 6th, about the same if not slightly later than it did the month before. It's now the 7th on February and I have yet to get it. I'm quite POSITIVE that I am not pregnant. My p...

Resolved Question: Is it safe to stick a twig of parsley into my vagina?

What could go wrong, if anything? I'm concerned about sticking anything up there that isn't usually inserted into the vagina, even if it's a beneficial herb. My reason for doing this is to induce my period. I've been making parsley tea and drinking t...

Resolved Question: Does it matter? women only pls?

i heard if you stick parsley up your vagina it makes your period come faster? i only have parsley flakes will it matter if i use that ? instead of parsley

Resolved Question: My periods due but i am off away can i delay it im not on the pill?

if i could get an appointment id go on the pill but im due before i can get an appointment been trying for weeks

Resolved Question: How can I get my period faster?

I already have my period but I am going on a trip soon, I want to have my period before my trip.

Resolved Question: How do you get rid of your period faster!?

im on the pill, i have 3 more to take till my period week... but i have prom coming up i need to get rid of it faster!!!! HELP and if i stay on it i get it until like an hour after prom and if i go off it now ill have it for seven days so help me ple...

Resolved Question: I'm getting married the day my period is set to start... how can I induce/push back?

I'm sort of freaking out. The week before my period is usually awful; bloating, cramps, acne, the whole nine yards. And the day it starts is extremely heavy and crampy. My wedding day is the scheduled start of my period in about two weeks... is there...

Resolved Question: How Can I Start My Period Today ?

I have been having periods for 3 maybe more years and im late and there is no way i can be pregnant as i am a virgin please help and its the weekend in 2 days so i wont be in school for the bad part of my period !! PLEASE HELP ME =D

Resolved Question: Swimming while on period?

Im 17 and I haven't used a tampon. On spring break the day we may leave for the beach is when Im supposed to get my period. It really sucks I hope it comes later but I'm not sure it will. I don't wanna use a tampon. Do you have any advice?

Resolved Question: Girls!! i need help!?

during the summer, I go to camp adn we go swimming everyday. But, im going to get my period. I cannot use tampons, so i dont know what to do.

Resolved Question: Don't want to have period during camp!?

So, I am going to camp on June 14 and we swim and everything, and I am pretty sure that I will have my period how can I make my period come faster or something, because I really don't want to have to worry about my period at camp cuz a lot ...

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