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Resolved Question: Is Preston's mailing work a scam?

I got a letter in the mail from Preston Lord Enterprises. I'm wondering if the work he is offering is a scam?

Resolved Question: Has anyone heard of business name preston lord enterprises. promise to reimburst u with stamps and fee to star?

preston lord enterprises. has 5 different levels. each a different fee charged, but claim to give fee back after 9 paychecks and also reimburst u for stamps as well. Is it legit? and can u make the money they say?

Resolved Question: Some say scam some say there not whats the truth; preston lord enterprises?

recieved the letter; like some have . lord preston ;or preston lord enterprise;what do you do next dont; have the money to be a fool.

Resolved Question: Can anyone give real information on Preston Lord Enterprises?

Can anyone give real information on Preston Lord Enterprises? And please, no endorsements, just solid detailed info on how it works. Personal experience only.

Resolved Question: Is preston lord enterprises an existent company ?

Can we make that much money that they promise?

Resolved Question: I've received 3 letters in 2 days from Preston Lord Enterprises....?

They charge $99 to get started in their business. I was always told if you have to pay for a work at home job, it is a scam. I fell for this with another company and sent them $69. I never received anything from the company and when I wrote the BB...

Resolved Question: Preston Lord Enterprises Mailing Special Letters?

Recieved a letter in the mail, need somebody who has actually applied for this to tell me if this is a scam or not, I don't want people who haven't done it telling me it's probably a scam, because I already know there's a possibility of it being a sc...

Resolved Question: Is Preston lord enterprises a scam?

I received a letter from Preston lord enterprises offering me a great work opportunity. I just want to make sure its not a scam.

Resolved Question: Preston Lords enterprise?

Is this a real company? Theres no number or email. Theres no web site. Is this a scam?

Resolved Question: Someone asked about Preston Lord Enterprises in NJ, here's the answer.?

I do have the answer to the question. Visit this URL for an exact description of what Preston Lord Enterprises (or any other scam company) is.

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