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Resolved Question: Weird Glitch on my computer can't open steam, youtube videos load but won't start, sound won't work it usually goes away after a while but?

it sucks and i wanna know if anyone knows how to fix it Thank yu also i can't connect to skype :( only offline mode on it can't connect to homepage and stuff can't message or talk :(((

Resolved Question: Why has Skype video quality deteriorated?

I recently upgraded to a brand new HP Pavilion MT desktop running Windows 7(64 bit) professional. It arrived bundled with, among other things, SKYPE. Already a long term Skype user I had no problem getting SKYPE up and running. Problem: during a long...

Resolved Question: How to view a skype video message?

My friend has sent me a skype video message to my iphone and i cant view it. I have searched around and found out that u can only view it on the computer. But when i go on the computer it only loads messages from yesterday. What do i do

Resolved Question: How do you know if your contact has seen your file you sent on skype?

I sent my friend a video on skype and at first when i sent it it said "Waiting" and then hours later it said "loading" and then "sent" but my friend wasnt online... how do i know when my friend has received it? Also, there are no little spinning cir...

Resolved Question: Skype Sending files help...?

So i would like to send a file to y girlfriend over skype but it doesnt send. It just says waiting and has a little loading circle. I would like to send a video to her but this is happening. This also is happening with pictures. Does both people n...

Resolved Question: Why wont video-calling on Skype work on my phone?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, I'm on O2.. Um.. Yeah. I tried going on settings and clicking "Enable video calling" but the option isn't there :/ My phone definitely allows video-calling, I checked the list of phone's that don't. I'm trying to call my ...

Resolved Question: Technical Help: Webcam Effect Software and Help With Skype 5.5.0?

SKYPE QUESTION: I just checked my Skype for an update and it told me I was due for the newer version of Skype. I went the Skype website and downloaded the newest version of Skype. Now, I realized, it's so much different from the one I had, which was ...

Resolved Question: Is My Friend Ignoring me on Skype?

Well on skype, i was talking and she went sorry gtg and all that. Then she goes "offline" but I notice my messages dont say Pending. So I send heaps of messages and exit skype then re-enter it and they dont say pending. Then i try calling her, ans i...

Resolved Question: My Skype is broken! Help, please?

I was on Skype with my friend who went on a trip for the holiday(not important) and all of the sudden, her picture froze. I could hear her voice for about a minute afterwords but after that, it was just her face frozen. She then messaged me asking wh...

Resolved Question: What applications can i install for my Asus EEE Pad Transformer?

APPLICATIONS : for video calling, webcaming I bought a new laptop " Asus eee pad Transformer " then i tried to VIDEO CHAT with my boyfriend in SKYPE but the only available option was to make a CALL. We also tried it on Facebook, but it isnt availab...

Resolved Question: Why can't I "Add Video to Your Mood" on skype (I don't pay for skype, is that why?) :D TY?

Every time I try to add video to skype, it acts like it is loading (it never loads)!! Why does it do this? What can I do to make it work? Do you have to pay for skype to get this feature? Thank you ^-^ God Bless!

Resolved Question: I am having a problem adding one particular person to skype. She has the same problem adding me. Help please.?

I am from the u.s. and she is from Iraq. We are both able to add, chat with, and video chat with others but for some reason are unable to do that with each other. I send her constant friend requests and she does the same but they never seem to go thr...

Resolved Question: Skype Crashes when I make a call?

I have Windows Vista on my laptop, I down load Skype onto my laptop it opens and I can write message to other Skype user, but ever time I try to make a Skype to Skype call, Skype or a test call, Skype crashes and I have to reboot my laptop as it free...


I recently installed skype.I can make audio calls ok but when i try to make av video call a message appears"Cant start video renderer-check you've got a valid direct x installation".however when i run the checking programme it tells me that everythi...


Hi Whenever I wanna connect to Skype it loads really long till I get my status to online.And then when I send somebody as message it takes reaaaaaally long until it receives but when a message arrives the other messages arrive very fast and then i c...

Resolved Question: How do avoid being harassed on Skype?

I have been using Skype to talk to my friend over the summer. About 2 months ago when I was using it, some guy was telling me inappropriate things on messaging that were very disturbing. Then he was constantly tying to video chat with me. I was so sc...

Resolved Question: Hi how do i start video chating using microphones,how do i connect microphones?

got new headphones microphones but don knw how to use them for chatting. and also which one is better for video chat skype or gtalk?

Resolved Question: How do I type chat on skype on my PSP?

Is it possibelt o chat on skype on my psp lik MSN? I dont want to video call or phon or what ever, I just want to chat though little typed messages, is that possible? Thanks.

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