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Resolved Question: What do I have to do to be dunking asap ???

I'm 16 years old 5'10 140 pounds, and I can barley touch rim on a good day. I wanna know if I can be dunking within a 2-3 months ? And what workouts do I have to do in order to be dunking asap??

Resolved Question: Need advice for dunking?

I'm 6'3" and throughout basketball season my legs were burned out, after a month now since the season ended and its gotten warmer, i decided to go to the basketball court to see if i can dunk. Basically, i get a little over half my hand over the rim,...

Resolved Question: What can I do to start dunking ASAP?

I play center on my high school's girl's basketball team. I'm a 6'5 sophomore but can't dunk yet and really want to get hops. What exercises/drills should I work on to help me improve my vertical? When I go for a layup I'm about an inch or two away f...

Resolved Question: How could I improve my jumping skills so i can dunk in basketball? 10 POINTS!!?

I'm about 5.4 and the hoop is 10ft tall. And can touch and net when I jump by swing my arms up like in volleyball but I want to know if I could, we'll how I could I touch the rim without swinging my arms? I'm in like 8th grade and basketball season ...

Resolved Question: How can i make my hair thicker asap!?

I used to have thick hair but i started straighten it everyday for like 4yrs.Over the years it seemed to get thinner. Is there any product or other solution to make my hair thicker,longer, and stronger?

Resolved Question: Physics help asap! A basketball player is running at 5.50 m/s directly toward the basket when...?

A basketball player is running at 5.50 m/s directly toward the basket when he jumps into the air to dunk the ball. He maintains his horizontal velocity. (a) What vertical velocity does he need to rise 0.750 meters above the floor? (b) How far from...

Resolved Question: Physics help asap please!?

just two questions that i can't seem to figure out: 1) The 1994 Winter Olympics included the aerials competition in skiing. In this event skiers speed down a ramp that slopes sharply upward at the end. The sharp upward slope launches them into the ai...

Resolved Question: How can I increase my vertical?

I'm 6'3 187 and I can dunk with one hand and with two if I'm hype. What are some exercises, workouts, or routines I can do to see results asap. Also I play select summer league basketball that starts next month and I'd like to be able to dunk with tw...

Resolved Question: I want to Dunk asap but i don't know what to do.?

I am 6'1 and 210 pounds. i can grab rim but i cant dunk. Is there a program or anything i can do to be able to dunk by summer or end of summer?

Resolved Question: My ear peircing is infected and i need help!!?

i pierced my ear and i cleaned my ear daily for about two weeks . i thought they were okay because they no longer bleed. but everything changed last night. i felt that my right ear was itchy so i scratched it and when i did i felt a bump. but since i...

Resolved Question: Help! What can I feed my cockatiel?

My cockatiel is in the weaning process (picking at his seeds and millet) but I ran out of his formula yesterday and I don't think he's eating enough seeds to sustain her diet. I'm trying to introduce other foods like oatmeal and cherrios, but he's no...

Resolved Question: How do you make lasagna?

Can anyone please give me a GOOD recipe for lasagna please?! Answer ASAP please(: thanks.

Resolved Question: How can i simply increase my vertical?

im 6'1 14 years old. i play aau ball and for my school i start on both but i really need to increase my vertical asap. i really wanna dunk by the end of the summer (about 2 and a half months) is that to short of a time or whaT? but how can i increase...

Resolved Question: HOW TO GET RID OF LICE ASAP?!!!!?

ok so like this morning my head barley started to itch and i told my mum and she searched through my hair and found lice!!! so i think i got it from this 1 friend. and the thing is i go swimming every morning and i dunno if that will effect anything ...

Resolved Question: Can someone give me...Asap?

a summary on tonight's preseason game plz? Any preseason game from 10/20 your choice whichever you can give me the best summary on

Resolved Question: Can my fiance and I join the catholic church? He has been married and divorced twice.?

We are expecting a child in November and would like to have it raised in the catholic church. We also would like to get married at some point, but we do realize that he would need to obtain a annulment. Will he need two annulments? Thanks for your he...

Resolved Question: Need tips on dunking quickly?

Tommorow i want to start practicing on dunkin tryouts are on october 15 if i practice trying to dunk will i be able 2 dunk by the 15th of october ........i alson need some drills thats gonna help me accomplish dat ASAP

Resolved Question: My Koi Fish Look Like It's Going To Die! Respond ASAP! Reward for the answer.?

I have a big tank with 10+ fish. I have mostly goldfish in there and 3 Koi fish. About 3 days ago, their usual foods ran out, so we had to feed them a different brand (pellet). I haven't washed my fishtank in months now and I see the the build up...

Resolved Question: When is the nba allstar games and mini games (dunk off and stuff) going to be on in canada and what channel?

I want to know when the nba allstar games and mingames like the dunk off and skillz competion are going to be playing. ALso i Want to know what chaneel they are on. I know it is starting from tonite so please help me out asap!! Thanks oh and also w...

Resolved Question: I need to learn how to properly dunk. I have been told I take off too late...but where should I jump from?

I am 6’ tall, 180lbs. I can get my finger tips down to the top edge of my palm over the rim. I can palm the ball quite well… I am having trouble putting the ball into the basket. Is there a release technique that can help? I am trying to incre...

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