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Resolved Question: Is this ring real gold?!?!?!?

I bought this ring from avon, I bought it for $160, I was tryin to find out how many karats it is, I looked on the inside of the ring and their is a stamp but Im not sure what it means!!! On one side it says 10, it doesnt have a K after it it says ju...

Resolved Question: Is There Anybody At All Who Has the Same Problem?

I have major regrets, but I mostly regret what I did to myself or rather the things that I didn't do. I was extremely withdrawn socially back in my teenage years(I am 20 now) up until my senior year of high school. Before that I hung out outside of s...

Resolved Question: Is there a website or a way to get free ringtones?

i want a couple ring tones for my NV 2 and i can't get any where i end up paying for it. I've been dying to find a website but when they say free they don't mean it. please help me!!!. O btw... i'm using my dad's laptop... dont worry im a girl so i d...

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