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Resolved Question: What is embalming fluid?

Detail description of embalming fluid

Resolved Question: How is blood drained from the body during the process of embalming?

I know that embalming fluid is injected into the body via the arteries..carotid and femoral, during embalming, but I never stopped to think how the blood is drained so that the embalming fluid can be injected in. Also, is the embalming process differ...

Resolved Question: What's the real reason behind embalming?

Does it have more to do with making sure the person is really dead or to make the body look/smell nice for the wake/funeral? What is the real reason behind it?

Resolved Question: What happens to embalming fluid?

Everyone knows that embalming doesn't last forever. So after the body is decomposed what happens to the 2 gallons,on average, of embalming fluid used on the person? Does it just leak out of the casket, or are the bones just laying in a pool of fluid?...

Resolved Question: Embalming fluid? breaking bad?

i was watching breaking bad and he broke out this rock that was something mixed with embalming fluid or something, and it made a huge explosion. yes i understand its tv but a lot of shows find real information. any science people who have heard of an...

Resolved Question: Can you buy embalming fluid?

When my dog dies, whenever that may be, would I be able to by embalming fluid to embalm him?

Resolved Question: How does a dead person's body still manages to decompose even though the person is embalmed & treated at the?

Funeral home. I thought embalming fluid was to stop decomposition and what role does bacteria in the body have to do with embalming fluid.

Resolved Question: Funeral-How does embalming fluid work in a dead persons body if there is no longer oxygen being carried?

around by the blood that once was in that person's body. Doesn't it need oxygen to work properly or does it just sit in the body & do nothing

Resolved Question: How long does a body remain fresh after it is buried underground & what happens to the embalming fluid?

I have been to 8 funerals in my life so far and when I go and view the body in the funeral box,it looks like that person's blood is still in them(they look like a big block of ice made out of a human body) at my uncle's funeral(was in 2009) for that...

Resolved Question: How can you make embalming fluid?

I am just curious. I just always wounderd

Resolved Question: Does everyone in the us get embalming fluid when they die?

does it matter if they were christian, jewish, hindu, muslim, or atheist? would everyone get the fluid?

Resolved Question: What is the difference between embalming fluid and PCP?

is sherm/angel dust pcp or embalming fluid ? are they the same thing ?

Resolved Question: Embalming fluid?

what is the proper name for embalming fluid. Because i think it might be leaching into my drinking water.... i don't really know what its is. could someone please explain?

Resolved Question: What is the embalming fluid made of?

After I attended by Great Aunt's visitation and funeral, I was just wondering: What is the embalming fluid that they use to keep the bodies preserved made out of?

Resolved Question: How long will a person be peserved after death useing embalming fluid?

like how long will they stay the same before they deterirate?

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