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Open Question: Phone Camera Is Upside Down And Only Allows Use Of Front Camera?

I recently purchased a Bush Android smartphone, and after a few weeks, the camera was suddenly upside down i all of my apps that use it, Snapchat, Instagram etc. as well as the original camera application. Also I can only use the front camera. Does...

Resolved Question: I got upskirted?!? Help :/?

So I was at college and my friend and I were queuing to pay for our food during the lunch time. The queue was short, there were only 5 people in front of me and my friend and there was 1 guy behind me. Anyway as I was queuing I heard a camera shutter...

Open Question: Issues with Snapchat?

Is anyone have the following issues with their Snapchat app for Andriod? 1. Cannot record videos using rear camera. Always says "video recording failed." 2. Front camera always records videos upside down. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S2, and ...

Resolved Question: What the heck is wrong with my Snapchat?

I've just installed Snapchat on to my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3, android obv) a few days ago. --It has no chat/IM feature. When I swipe right on someone's name, it just goes to the camera. I don't see any buttons for a chat option anywhere. --If I ...

Resolved Question: How do i fix double camera in snap chat?

What i launch snapchat the regular camera pops up then i get this little camera in the middle thats shows upside down and when i scrol to the side left and right the little camera blocks it anyways i can fix this i already asked snapchat but no answe...

Resolved Question: My camera on snapchat is upside down how can I fix it?

Today I just got the Galaxy s4 mini it's good and all but on snap chat when I go on the front camera it's upside down but the back camera isn't. I tried to delete the app and re install it and it didn't work,I tried the smart rotate it didn't work,I ...

Resolved Question: Why is it that whenever I take a Snapchat picture it flips it upside down?

I have a Android Mytouch 4G. And When I first downloaded it whenever I took a picture it was fine, but then I updated it. So now if I take a picture on the front camera it flips it upside down. On the back camera is fine. it's just the front.

Resolved Question: Snapchat camera is upside down?? Android? Tried reinstalling it?

My snapchat camera is upside down, no matter which way I turn it. I know there was an update to fix this on Androids, but It still doesn't work properly!

Resolved Question: Why is my Snapchat camera upside down?

I recently installed Snapchat on my phone. My friends aren't having any problems with this app, but everything is upside down for me. Even if I flip the phone, the picture remains upside down. I tried to uninstall and then install again, but I'm havi...

Resolved Question: My SnapChat pictures are upside down?

I just got SnapChat for my Android two days ago, and when I use my front face camera to take a picture, it flips the picture upside down when I want to send it & I have no idea why. I've looked through the reviews and no one else has this problem. Ca...

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