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Resolved Question: About Xbox LIVE Status Code:80072747 ?

I saw that on the dashboard, there was a months free Xbox live Gold trial. I clicked on confirm purchase, but then it said: "There's a problem with Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Please try again later. Status code: 80072747. How long will this free xbox liv...

Resolved Question: What does the status code : 8C230002 mean on the Xbox Live Marketplace? Please help!?

Every time i try to download Madden 13 demo it says that the Marketplace isn't working and it says STATUS CODE : 8C230002. Please help

Resolved Question: Xbox Live Marketplace Error?

I get this when I enter a 2-day membership trial "Xbox live marketplace status code: 8C21003" what is that all about, is it a bug with a recent update or what?

Resolved Question: Xbox won't connect to internet?

Every time I turn it on my Xbox tells me that some content is unavailable. If I try to connect it either disconnects me of completely or just brings me back to the dashboard and give me this. Status Code: 80072ee2 I've tried resetting my router multi...

Resolved Question: Xbox live marketplace help me!?

I want to purchase this special offer on xbox live for $2 for 2 months. Everytime I go to add a credit card or paypal account it says xbox live marketplace if having a problem. Idk what the status codes mean so maybe someone who does can help. It is ...

Resolved Question: I can't buy Xbox LIVE?

So, I type my credit card into Xbox LIVE and type all the details correctly, I finish and it says "There's a problem with Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Please try again later. Status Code: 8C320008" I've waited for an hour now and still nothing. I've even m...

Resolved Question: Xbox Live Marketplace Problems 02/22/12?

Today I was trying to purchase the $2 for 2 months of xbox live on my credit card. All the fields are filled in correctly and everything but I came up with this when I clicked to make the purchase: "Xbox Live Marketplace Problems. Status Code: 8C020...

Resolved Question: Xbox help? error code: 8C320008?

Ok, i need to update the credit card to have xbox live gold back, once i've finished updating it says 'There's a problem with Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Please try again later. Status code: 8C320008'. i tried later after but it comes up with the same thi...

Resolved Question: Xbox Live Marketplace problems 5/25/11?

Okay for some reason when i try to view Arcade games or On Demand games so i can find out how much it is or try to go to my Download History, I get this: There's a problem with Xbox Live Marketplace. Please try again later. Status code: 8C020008 ...

Resolved Question: Can't retrieve information from Xbox LIVE, Status code: 80153410. Trying to change Windows Live ID.?

Already called Xbox customer service, who could not fix it with 30 minutes of trying things, including clearing system cache, recovering gamertag, etc.. The customer service rep was supposed to return my call 15 minutes later so he could consult wit...

Resolved Question: Xbox live marketplace help?

I recently paid 1200 MS points for Splinter cell: chaos theory on the Xbox live marketplace but when i download it it stays at 0% then it says 'cant download this item' status code 8800254 does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?I am a huge fan ...

Resolved Question: Xbox live marketplace wont work? status code: 80072741?

i have a problem on the xbox 360. i can sign to live my friens, spotlight, and all the other things work exept the marketplace all the names of games and the pictures come up but wen i actually go on them i get a message saying " cannot retrieve info...

Resolved Question: Xbox LIVE Error status code 801553c2 - what is this?

Keep getting a "can't retrieve information status code : 801553c2" when signing onto xbox live marketplace. I can't even join parties with friends, can't follow them into games - - completely sucks! This problem started right around the xbox live u...

Resolved Question: Cant retrieve info from Xbox live?

Yeah I tried to get NBA2k Draft Combine today, but when I get into the game marketplace, an error pops up saying "cant retrieve information from Xbox Live, status code 801553c2. What does this mean?

Resolved Question: Xbox Live Status Code: 80004005?

It seems not too many people are having my problem, but the ones that do have my problem happened at the same time mine did. After the June 09 Xbox LIVE Maintenance Update(I'm pretty sure thats what it was), I cannot ACCESS THE MARKETPLACE FROM THE ...

Resolved Question: What does Status Code: 80040005 mean for Xbox Live?

Whenever i access Game Marketplace off Xbox Live it says Status Code: 80040005... Could someone tell me what this means?

Resolved Question: Status code 8000ffff on xbox live marketplace?

every time i go to search for something it says can not retrieve info from xbox live. xbox support dosent work either. the web siter is down at xbox.

Resolved Question: Xbox live status code 80072741?

every time i turn on my xbox i get a message saying some xbox live content is temporarily unavailable. status code: 80072741 How do i fix this? i have had this problem for a few weeks and i dont know anyone else who had this happen to them. plzz he...

Resolved Question: Cant download from Xbox 360 marketplace because of status code 80070570?

i searched around and apparently this means the content is no longer available on the marketplace but it still shows up. this seems puzzling to me considering its a gears of war 2 theme (hope runs deep). whats goin on? should i try again later?

Resolved Question: Xbox live status code?

when i try to enter my 1 months xbox live gold membership card I keep getting the status code 8016aba5, how do I get around this?

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