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Camolist and other lists of free proxy websites

Due to the large number of searches about Camolist, we have decided to put up some additional information reguarding free proxy websites and other methods of avoiding internet filters.

Camolist provides a list of "proxy server" sites that you surf through so the content filter only sees the proxy site, and not the site that is your final destination. The first rule about proxy servers is that they can be a a bit slower than normal, and they can get closed from time to time. In addition, many of these sites:

  • Are commonly setup to show you ads -- which is probably acceptable, but most users will not like the screen cluttered with a significant number of additional ads.
  • Can be unscrupulous and try to load spyware on your computer and confuse you with many popups
  • May be monitoring what you type. All your information is flowing through them so do NOT enter any usernames or passwords. They can be watching
Another site like camolist that has lists of proxy servers is
And from that list, we have visited the following sites and they look fairly safe and useable: Good luck!