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Resolved Question: Coin help? They appear to come form Sweden.?

I have these three coins. Two of them say CARL XVI GUSTAF SVERIGE 1990 and one that's 1983 and show what looks like to be a big crown with three smaller crowns in it. The last one I have says GUSTAF VI ADOLF SVERICES KONUNC 1973 and its has a differe...

Resolved Question: Sweden (King Carl XVI Gustaf) 10 kronor 2007 price?

I looked all over the internet and it says my coin was not found it is a 10 kronor coin on the back it has a big 10 and three crowns, and a man with hair combed back the front says carl xvi gustaf sveriges konung ( 2007 ) it is a gold colored coin. I...

Resolved Question: What type of coin do I have?

I found a silver coin on the back it has a picture of the crown and says En Krona and above that it says "FOR SERVICE I TIDEN" ON THE FRONT IT SAYS "CARL XVI GUSTAF SVERIGES KONUNG"

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