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Open Question: Does CHAMP flush out Detox Really work ?

I've been smoking daily now for a week, and I come to find out I have drug test in two days from Probation officer, Does these pills work ??

Resolved Question: How long does THC stay in system after taking about 10 puffs if I have been clean for 7 months?

Ok, I need a little help, I have never tried to cheat a drug test before but I have one coming up in 13 days from now. I made a huge mistake by taking a few puffs off of a blunt on Monday night, 3 days ago , I thought I could just take some detox and...

Resolved Question: Champ flush out detox drink?

considering trying this to detox but does it work on all types of drugs or just certain drugs?? Any information would be much appreciated, thank you.

Resolved Question: Does champ flush out detox work?

I have a urine test to take and its not a lad test its jus going to be a strip test? Has anyone ever took it and passed?

Resolved Question: I got this cleansing drink, do they work?

its called champ flush out detox. claims to work in as little as 45 minutes and up to 6 hours. i have a test coming up i need to make sure that this drink really works. i have quit smoking for a few days already and the test is sometime later this we...

Resolved Question: Drug test Detox Drink!, help for the most points!?

I only want an answer from someone who is experienced with it. Okay today i bought CHAMPS FLUSH OUT DETOX, and thought i had a drug test today. It was scheduled for tomorrow instead. So i bought another one. The last time i smoked was last night, and...

Resolved Question: Does champ flush out detox work?

I don't really ever smoke, but I took like three hits off a blunt on friday, my boss decided to tell me today he's drug testing me tomorrow at 11. I tested myself today and it came out positive for thc, I bought the champ flush out detox, the orange ...

Resolved Question: How does detox drink work?

do they mask THC or remove all the toxins? i took champ flush out detox yesterday it turns out that my drug test is next week am i still going to pass or does the drink just mask the toxins for a certain amount of time

Resolved Question: Ive been smoking marijuana for about 5 years and have a drug test in 2 days. I bought the champs detox?

I smoked last night but stopped for now, ill be drinking a full glass of vinegar as well. I also was told to put a tad bit of toilet water in the cup as well to dilute the drugs. HELP?!?!

Resolved Question: Champ flush out detox instructions?

Can someone explain how to use this product and come out clean on a urine test? I am aware that i need to drink water and than the drink and drink alot of water after, but i dont know when should i drink it, the day of the test, 48 hr before the test...

Resolved Question: Champs flush out detox? does it work?

I have a drug test tomorrow and i smoked a week ago. Do i take it right before a drug test, or should i take it now?

Resolved Question: Has anyone had success with Champ Flush Out detox fluid?

I just bought some today because the guy at the smoke shop said hes used it. My only problem is i have to take the drug test tomorrow? Will it work. Or does the effectiveness only work within the five hrs. not the guy that works there smart ***. a g...

Resolved Question: Cranberry Juice / Water Detox?

so its been a week today since ive smoked weed. I have smoked weed everyday for the last year and a half. I smoke about 2 to 6 bowls a day. I havent smoked weed for a week and i have been drinking cranberry juice and water all week. i had a little so...

Resolved Question: Do you pee after you drink Champ Full Flush Detox or just go straight to testing? Directions are unclear.....?

It says to pee 3-4 times during course of day but nothing about after you drink it? I need exact directions.....

Resolved Question: Will champ flush out detox get me thru a mouth swab?

looking at a mouth swab drug test, will champs flush out detox help me pass a mouth swab ?

Resolved Question: What all does Champ Detox flush out?

The bottle says it really works bout i dont kno about that and i dont kno what all it flushes out...So what all Does it flush out??? and Does it really work???

Resolved Question: When you have the flush out detox that's 16oz, do you drink the whole drink or do you only drink a portion?

because someone told me that you only drink a small amount of it and drink water. then someone told me that you drink the whole bottle..the name of it is champ flush out detox

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