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Open Question: Does CHAMP flush out Detox Really work ?

I've been smoking daily now for a week, and I come to find out I have drug test in two days from Probation officer, Does these pills work ??

Resolved Question: Pass a drug test in 4 days?

Ok. So I used to be a heavy stoner. But I got a really good job, so I had to stop. That was about 3 months ago, but when I got the job, they didn't drug test because i was hired on as an indept contractor. Then maybe about a week ago, they offered me...

Resolved Question: Cranberry Juice / Water Detox?

so its been a week today since ive smoked weed. I have smoked weed everyday for the last year and a half. I smoke about 2 to 6 bowls a day. I havent smoked weed for a week and i have been drinking cranberry juice and water all week. i had a little so...

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