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Resolved Question: Unmukt chand has scored 57 runs against England A side yesterday. He is also not far away from getting chance?

at an international level. Comments please? If you remember, he was the captain of last under 19 WC winning side at Australia.

Resolved Question: Suraj starts a company investing 12 lakh, . after 8 months chand joins him investing 15 lakh . at the end of?

two years , the company realises a profit of 13.2 lakhs . how should he appportioned ?

Resolved Question: With Ambani's backing Sachin,will Sachin get Bharath Ratna ahead of Dhyan Chand?

My feeling is simple-Dhyan Chand is greatest in his sport while Sachin is great in his sport So Dhyan Chand should get first,then Sachin should get

Resolved Question: Tu chand hai poonam ka?

Who is the movie of this song?

Resolved Question: Does Dhyan Chand deserve Bharath Ratna more than Sachin?

Heard Sachin is getting It,it is great to hear it But Dhyan Chand deserves it more according to me Dhyan Chand is greatest hockey player of all time.On par with Bradman as a guy who dominated sport more than anybody else It is a sad fact that even...

Resolved Question: S Chand Books ? Class 11?

Have anyone read the book Conceptual Chemistry of Class 11 , and Of Physics of Class 11 Please give its review!! Because I need to buy books for my session!! { If possible then please give review of Comprehensive Chemistry and Physics by Laxmi Pub...

Resolved Question: Can you tell me who Dhyan Chand was...?

without searching on Google? Just want to know people in this section knows him or not. :)

Resolved Question: Goals scored by Dhyan Chand?

How many goals did Dhyan Chand scored in Olympics Hockey and how many Olympics did he appeared

Resolved Question: Key main chand per Row skate hnuu.?

jabmain choota tha tab main soncha raha the ke main chand per januga. lakin ye mera sapana such ahi huya.ab amain kya karnuu jesee main kucha pa saknuu. yer samaya mere age 25 hai.

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