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Resolved Question: How do I get my webcam to work on my chromebook?

I can take pictures and stuff but I can't use it on like chatroulette or something like that, it says that my webcam is showing no activity. Thanks guys

Resolved Question: LAPTOP HELP ME PLEASE!!?

I have a TOSHIBA PSU45A-O101DEN laptop with a built in web cam, the webcam tool bar thingy works and i can take pictures on my webcam and see myself however when i go onto either omegle or chatroulette, my webcam shows no activity and it is black, it...

Resolved Question: Why is the webcam on my laptop not working?

Basically I have a windows 8 Acer laptop. The webcam is built in to the laptop. When I am taking a picture on the actual webcam app thing it works but then when I go on chatroulette or omegle (I use these to advertise my facebook page) it says my web...

Resolved Question: Help me get my cam to work for chat roulette?

i have a logitech HD webcam and it is the C270 model and It seems to be working for everything except ChatRoulette :(. I go to the settings and selected my cam but every time i try to press enable cam it just says "your webcam is showing no activity"...

Resolved Question: Webcam is showing no activity?

Ehmm, I'm on my friends laptop and she has a built in webcam. We're bored and were gonna go on Chatroulette, but the webcam on it says "Showing no activity." The device manager gives me no options for the webcam. What should I do? The laptop is a...

Open Question: How do I get chatroulette to work when it says webcam is showing no activity?

I'm using a ps-eye camera with a driver and capture set up, but when i go to get on chatroulette it says it shows no activity... It works with basically everything else like skype and windows live messenger etc. Any suggestions on what to do?

Resolved Question: My webcam won't work for Chatroulette? How do I grant access to use it? 10 points..?

First off we know what Chatroulette is, no need to warn tell us anything.. Me and my roommates are trying to get on Chatroulette on my laptop. I've never had a problem doing it before, but it's not working now. I can get my webcam to work when I do ...

Resolved Question: Webcam isn't working?

So,i bought a webcam recently,without a cd driver,it's just a webcam which connects via usb.It's a x5tech,particularly,this I installed it on the computer,and it shows that it's per...

Resolved Question: Why isn't my PS3 eye webcam working, i used it for chatroulette and Skype but now it isn't working?

on chatroulette it keeps saying "your webcam is showing no activity" also for tinychat it says that my device is in use on another application. this is really frustrating, it was working fine a month or 2 ago, do i have to install a new versi...

Resolved Question: Logitech webcam help please?

i got a logitech webcam (c110) and the camera dosent work sometimes. the recorder/mic works completely fine and the green light shows up on the webcam, but say i go onto chatroulette it comes up saying your webcam is showing no activity. ive managed ...

Resolved Question: My Webcam won't work! ):?

I got it a day ago. It's a Logitech HD Webcam C310. When I click on the icon on my desktop, the webcam turns on and everything's fine. But it doesn't work on facebook or any site that needs a webcam. I used the video chat thing on facebook, and my ...

Resolved Question: My webcam won't work?

I have a labtec webcam that I found works just fine, but shows no activity on sites like Omegle and Chatroulette. How can I fix this?

Resolved Question: Webcam showing no activity?

Recently, when going on chatroulette, it says that my integrated webcam is showing no activity. I tried updating the drivers, but it still doesnt work. updating adobe didn't help

Resolved Question: How do I use my Logitech webcam with Chatroulette?

My Dell Integrated Webcam stopped working like a year ago, so I just bought and installed a Logitech webcam. When I go on websites though, like Chatroulette, it says "You're webcam is showing no activity". How do I fix this?

Resolved Question: Does chatroulette record you?

When you go on any of these roulette sites it comes up with the warning "If you click allow, you may be recorded". But by who? I know that the "Stranger" can record you but can the website itself (i.e. when you're not showing your webcam to s tranger...

Resolved Question: Online chat rooms with webcam?

i know chatroulette but i dont know anyothers?

Resolved Question: What other websites are there besides....?

what other websites are there like chatroulette out there that let u video chat with random people online. i like chatroulette but to many nude penises so do u know of any websites like this one with or without penises? where do i find the community ...

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