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Resolved Question: Clash Of Clans cupcakes?

So. My little brother's birthday is coming up. I want to make him something really cool, and he LOVES clash of clans. I want to find an easy recepie for making cupcakes that resemble clash of clans in cool ways, but don't use too much fonant or artis...

Resolved Question: HELP CLASH OF CLANS?

I had clash of clans installed and linked dit to Facebook. Then I had to uninstall it. I installed it again and tried to load my account linked to my facebook by signing in to Facebook. It says this Facebook account is already linked to a game link F...

Resolved Question: Clash of clans hacks?

Is there anyone that knows a real clash of clans hack that works with the current halloween update. I'm looking for something relatively easy to get and can do things such as give unlimited gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems. Any help is greatly app...

Resolved Question: BlueStacks - Clash of Clans Cheats?

I was just wandering if there is any way to cheat on Clash of Clans, I have tried using CheatEngine to change my coins but every time I do that It makes my client out of sync with the servers. Does anyone know of any cheats for Clash of Clans? I'm pr...

Resolved Question: Clash of Clans?

I just made a new clan and i wanted to know if there is any ideas to make it better and sucessful

Resolved Question: Clash of clans hack?

Any WORKING clash of clan hacks WITH NO SURVEY

Resolved Question: Hack Clash of Clans?

Hey guys!!! Does anyone know how to hack COC ? Is it possible to get free gems ?

Resolved Question: Clash of clans hack?

I want a good clash of clans hack that DOES NOT require a survey please. thanks in advance

Resolved Question: Clash of Clans help?

I started playing clash of clans and I love it. I have a level 5 town house and all level 8 elixir and gold collectors. I am now interested in joining a clan but I don't know what clan wars are and what happens during them. Can someone please explain...

Resolved Question: Games like command and conquer and Clash of Clans?

Looking to get back into some recently released top down point and click strategy games like command and conquer, clash of clans, or the old school warcraft. just looking for a game to build bases, and then go and attack other player bases. Anything ...

Resolved Question: Clash of Clans?

If one of my clan mates have attacked a village and won the attack, will I still get more war loot for successfully attacking that same village? Thanks in advance.

Resolved Question: Deleting clash of clans accounts?

I have clash of clans on my ipad and iPhone, they both use the same game centre. So currently I have the same village on both devices, I would like to remove the village from my phone so that I can play that village on my ipad, in order to start a ne...

Resolved Question: Clash of clans?

When I tap onto clash of clan sit starts loading but then it just comes straight back onto my home screen. It has let me but yesterday it just started taking me back to my home screen. It doesn't need updating and I have the lastest software update. ...

Resolved Question: Can I take over my friends clash of clans account if he has an android and I have an iPhone?

My friend has a clash of clans account on his android that he doesn't want anymore... Since I have an iPhone can I take over his account?

Resolved Question: Clash of clans question?

Ok so in clash of clans I need to gold to upgrade my town hall to level 5. Any tips 4 fast gold and elixr.

Resolved Question: Clash of clans please help?

Could someone give me a link to a working clash of clans hack tool (gems)

Resolved Question: Question about playing clash of clans?

ok i recentely started playing clash of clans now im level 24 now i get invite from few members like join my clan what is that ???? whats the use of joining there clan ? is it possible to create my own clan if so how ?? how to name our village ???

Resolved Question: Two Clash of Clans Questions?

I'm wonder some things about Clash of Clans... In a clan what is "farming" and what is a " trophy push"

Resolved Question: Help with Clash of Clans?

If I leave a clan I made can I join another clan and come back to the clan I made?

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