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Open Question: Which carb runs cpi oliver city?

Im planning to buy a new carburetor for my cpi oliver city, because this one has a defect and doesnt run correctly and cannot be fixed. Can you tell me which one does the stock cpi oliver city run and which one would be the best :)

Open Question: Which parts are best for cpi oliver city?

I have a cpi oliver city 50cc moped and i want to make it go faster, which are the best exhaust systems, variators all that stuff for this bike ? Tell me in details, thanks. Also i dont want a bigger engine like 70cc cz it sux. I just want it more po...

Resolved Question: I have a cpi oliver scooter and want to put a speaker in it?

ONly wires that are in speaker are red and black ones, I was thinkig I have a bass amp, could I put it below the seat?

Resolved Question: How to Derestrict a cpi oliver?

2007 cpi oliver that goes 30 mph, I would like to know how to make it go faster, what can I adjust? I heard theres a screw?

Resolved Question: Anyone know the difference between WK one and CPI oliver city?

Hi, yeah so i have a White knuckle One 50cc scooter, which is identical to the CPI Oliver city, but the interesting thing is, my log book calls it a "WK Oliver City", which is kind of messed up, and all the parts have CPI written on, but the bike has...

Resolved Question: I am purchasing a 50cc 2 stroke scooter the cpi oliver city.. speeds about 48mph as is.. do they make a turbo ?

What else can I do to get a little more power out of my 50cc cpi oliver city 2 stroke..

Resolved Question: How to remove vacumn fuel tap from cpi oliver sport?

i need to replace my fuel tap on my cpi oliver sport can someone help me plz

Resolved Question: CPI Oliver City 50cc 2006 Carb?

Were is my carb, the scooter is running badly and i have changed the air filter, oil and spark plug. and want to clean the carb but i don't know where it is and how to do it ? help ?

Resolved Question: CPI Oliver City 50 Spark Plug?

I have a CPI Oliver City 50 (50cc) and it has a short reach spark plug in, its down on power and hard to start so i was wondering is it ment to have a long reach plug in ?

Resolved Question: 2006 Cpi Oliver City (50cc) Fuel Gauge Problem?

My fuel gauge is giving me false readings, when i fill it up it says i have a full tank and works properly till about 3/4 of a tank. Then it will just say i am in the red and have no fuel. The bike has been stood for about 2 years not used so would i...

Resolved Question: How can i make my 50cc CPI oliver go faster whitout paying anything?

My Scooter is sooooooo slow i t hardly reaches 65km/h does anybody know if theres a way to make it faster like by removing pieces or stuff like that

Resolved Question: Is the CPI Oliver City 50cc (2006) any good?

I am looking for something for general commuting and getting from A to B. I hear this one isn't great but I've got the chance to buy one just round the corner from me for about £300 with 3000 miles on the clock. Can someone who knows what they're ...

Resolved Question: Having a problem with my cpi oliver sport moped?

hello i dont know if anyone can help but i have had my moped for 3 months and i only passed my cbt test the other week so really my ped hasn't been out for a few week but i have been on it to college and back home but the problem is it hardly reaches...

Resolved Question: Hi i have jst bought a 56 reg 50cc aprilia cpi oliver sport scooter, and have accured a problem:?

the drain pipe on the carburetor, is leaking fuel, and the drain pipe screw is tightened to the max, does anyone know what to do???

Resolved Question: Just bought a cpi oliver sports?

when i start the bike and put the lights on i then press the brake lever and it blows the element that works the back light not the back brake light, can anyone help?

Resolved Question: How to make the Dashboard clock on my cpi oliver city work?

My Cpi Oliver City´s dashboard clock doesn't work ive googled abit and didn´t find anything.... How should i make it WOOORK? My Cpi Oliver City´s dashboard clock doesn't work ive googled abit and didn´t find anything.... How should i make it WOOO...

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