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Resolved Question: Does everything go on sale after Christmas ?

I heard after Christmas most stuff will go on sale is this true so December 26th since Christmas is on the 25th No dumb answers please kthanks

Resolved Question: Do prices for electronics ever go down in December?

I was wondering if prices for electronics (like Tablets and stuff) go down any time during the month of December? My grandma said I should purchase what I want when the price lowers, she also said that prices get lower right before Christmas and afte...

Resolved Question: When is the River Island December 2011 sale?

I know that the store sales are on December 26th, but apparently the online sale starts earlier! Does anyone know when it is? Thanks!

Resolved Question: When do the sales start in england, december 26th or 27th?

i know the january sales start in january... normally ... but the trend in the uk has been to start them earlier than that. when do the sales in shops (not online) start. is it tomorrow, 27th or have i missed it already (today)? thanks!

Resolved Question: When it says "Sale ends December 26th!" Does the sale continue until 26th midnight?

Or does it mean it ends December 26th meaning in the morning. Also meaning that I have no chance to get anything on sale..

Open Question: When it says "Sale ends December 26th!" Does the sale continue until 26th midnight?

Or does it mean it ends December 26th meaning in the morning. Also meaning that I have no chance to get anything on sale.. So that means I can still get deals tomorrow?

Resolved Question: Will there still be a sale for metropcs phones on December 26, 2010 to be exact?

I really want the Huawei Acsend or however you spell it. I saw online it was $99 , but it's only available in the store. Soo, can anyone tell me if i still have time to get one the day after Christmas???

Resolved Question: Is this true about 26 december?

hello, i just been hearing that on 26 december there will be huge sale on all big brands (Fashion retail outlets) in entire uk so just wanted to confirm whether its true. thank you

Resolved Question: Are there sales the day after christmas?

are there sales december 26? i heard alot of stores had 70% off?

Resolved Question: What stores are you going to December 26th for sales? What do you plan on picking up?

I plan on going to: Crabtree and Evelyn- for lotions and bath products for me Bath and Body works- for same as above Wal-Mart- for a fake tree, lights, and ornaments also I'm getting all occasion wrapping paper, and gifts that I can use year round....

Resolved Question: Does victorias secret have a sale on december 26?

do they have like a after christmas sale because i wanted to get some of their make up if yes what type of things do they have on sale

Resolved Question: Canada boxing day December 26th?

what is the origin of canada boxing day

Resolved Question: Will Best Buy Have A Sale On The 26th Of December?? After Christmas?

I was wondering if best buy was going to have a sale after Christmas. I want to buy rock band 2 for a wii. Does anyone no if it will be on sale or not??

Resolved Question: December 26th, the new Black Friday?

I've heard on the news about outrageous 75% off sales from major stores after the holiday. Will December 26th replace November's Black Friday as the most important shopping day of the year?

Resolved Question: Going on sale?

i would like to know what is going on sale on december 26 2007 (tomorrow)???

Resolved Question: Day-after Christmas shopping sales????

When does new york have the huges sales after christmas or new years eve? Am from sweden and we have the huge sales after christmas at 26th december. And what time does the stores open then? And which stores does the big sales normally have? victor...

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