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Resolved Question: Used crib ended up being a recalled crib ?

But the manufacture provides a recall kit... I bought a slightly used Delta Jenny Lind crib on Craigslist (manufactured in 2006 originally purchased in 2008). I am completely new at this so I didn't even think to make sure this model hadn't been rec...

Resolved Question: A crib recall question.?

I have a 3-in-1 convertible trigger lock dropside crib made by Delta Luv. Was this included in the recall?

Resolved Question: Can I return a crib that has been recalled without having a receipt?

Someone just gave us a crib that they used with their child, and I was a bit skeptical about the possibility of it being recalled since it was a used crib. I checked online, and it shows that these Delta cribs were part of the recall, but the model ...

Resolved Question: Cribs. DELTA vs. STORKCRAFT vs. BABY MOD please help!?

i am having a little trouble deciding on which crib to buy for my boy twins. i love the baby mod (serena) brand crib from walmart but i cannot find any reviews about it. my other options that i am considering are the storkcraft aspen set or the del...

Resolved Question: Are Delta cribs good?

I got a Delta crib at walmart for $130 model number is 6765100 I can't find it online anywhere, no reviews or delta a reliable brand? Thanks. Well I know it isn't the top of the line..I wouldn't expect that for $130 .. I just want somethi...

Resolved Question: Where can I find an online list of recalled baby products?

I bought most my baby gear back in 2007 and now that I'm bringing it out again I have randomly come across a couple recalls. Does anyone know where I can find a complete recall list from 2007-present? In particular I am concerned about my Delta dro...

Resolved Question: Is it illegal to sell a crib that was recalled if it has been fixed?

I have a Delta Duchess Crib that was recalled back in 2009 only because people were loosing the safety pegs and without these safety pegs the sides of the crib could fall down and the baby might roll in between the mattress and the crib railing. I co...

Resolved Question: Can someone help me find out if this crib has been recalled?

Delta luv Model number 4824 1 My mother in law she had gotten a brand new 300 dollar crib and it was never used by her granddaughter "who is now 3" so i would rather be safe then sorry and check it out But i do not no where to look Thanks :P I am no...

Resolved Question: Does anyone know where I can find info on if my daughters crib has been recalled?

My husband was told today that there has been a mass crib recall and we wanted to know where to go to find out if our daughters crib was on it. (We are actually about to put the crib up on saturday) If anyone knows where to find the info: The crib...

Resolved Question: Do any of you have these cribs and do you recommend them?

Delta 5 in 1 Luv Brand Convertible Crib Bergamo Madison Lifetime Crib Babi Italia Carlisle Sliegh

Resolved Question: If our childs crib has been recalled, but we don't have the receipt, can we still return it?

one of our kids' cribs has been recalled, but we don't have the receipt. the cpsc website says to return it to the store for a refund/credit/etc. will walmart do anything for us if we don't have proof of purchase? i think the manufacturing company...

Resolved Question: Does anyone know if the jenny lind crib by delta... model #6750-10 was recalled?

i bought my daughter this crib not long ago and for some reason im so scared to put her in it it just looks unsafe to me and not sturdy... when i first got it i put her in it and of course her first intention was shaking the side of it and the side d...

Resolved Question: Moms! Help me please! How do you find if a crib has been recalled? buying this one used-Can you help me check?

Delta Seville 3in1 Crib White Its only supposed to be 1 year old. i think i should have put Moms! and Dads! :)

Resolved Question: Are the delta portable cribs safe?

I know delta had a crib recall this year, it was not for the portable cribs and I was just wondering if I should buy one to keep at Grandma's house.

Resolved Question: I heard there is a recall on crib from wal mart?

So i'm due december 5th.Does anyone know if the crib from wal mart-its a Delta, 3 in one white crib, has a recall?!It converts into a love was about $109 I just bought it a few months ago,2008.

Resolved Question: REcall on cribs. Saw on News just now. This your crib?

NEW YORK -- Delta Enterprises is voluntarily recalling nearly 1.6 million older versions of its drop-side cribs after two infant deaths, a company spokesman said Monday. The company said about 985,000 drop-side cribs made between 1995 and 2005 r...

Resolved Question: How does a child suffocate in a defective crib?

Delta cribs are being recalled because they say one side that moves up and down can detach and create a gap and the baby can suffocate, I have no clue what that means...can someone explain??

Resolved Question: Help with a Delta Luv Crib Model 4343-1?

Okay, we cosleep, but until she's a little olderwe are going to have to put this crib flush to our bed so that she doesn't crawl out in the middle of the night. (I have twice awoke to find her on top of my chest having crawled out of her Arm's Reach...

Resolved Question: Does my 2006 Delta Luv Jenny Lind crib have lead paint?

I purchased a Delta Luv Jenny Lind crib in 2006. I'm noticing my baby is chewing the paint right off it (right under the plastic at the top of the rail). How can I find out if the paint is lead based? Is it? (Since it's not something intended to be...

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