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Resolved Question: Help with explaining electron configurations of ions?

I have a test tomorrow and I don't quite understand how atoms gain or lose electrons? For example on a practise sheet I received there's a diagram of a hydrogen ion and a H with an empty box. The answer is apparently +? How do you know wether atoms g...

Resolved Question: Does hydrogen lose its ONLY electron to become stable?

for example.....hydrogen reacting with gives away its only electron to attain stability. how can we consider an atom to be stable when it has no electron?

Resolved Question: A positively charged ion (H+) formed of a ____ atom that has lost its electron?

a positively charged ion (H+) formed of a ____ atom that has lost its electron

Resolved Question: A neutral hydrogen atom can attract an additional electron when:?

a. when under high temperatures. b. because the additional electron finds room in the valence shell. c. when the hydrogen atom has an additional proton. d. It is not possible because the atom is electrically neutral. ( I think the answer is D. bu...

Resolved Question: If you add a proton to a hydrogen atom, what will it become?

science q~ Please help!! If a proton is added to a Hydrogen atom, it will be a hydrogen ion a helium atom an isotope of hydrogen a helium ion hope that helps a little

Resolved Question: If hydrogen loses one electron how many protons does it have?

I know that hydrogen has 2 protons, therefore, it has 2 electrons. I am confused because I was told it would have 2 protons left, wouldn't it make sense if it had just 1 proton left since there are as many protons as electrons in an element?

Resolved Question: What happens to an atom when it loses an electron and proton?

If a hydrogen atom loses its electron would the electron come back some how? And how about if an atom loses both electrons and protons what would it be?

Resolved Question: Hydrogen Ions?????????

A hydrogen atom gains one electron so it has the stable electronic structure of the noble gas helium. Thus, it should be H-. Why do I always find it H+. Please help.

Resolved Question: Chemistry yr 10 homework help needed :D?

can someone help me answer the following questions; 1. how many electrons does a hydrogen atom lose to become an ion..i think its 1 is it?? 2. How many electrons does an oxygen atom gain to become ionized 3. does zinc atom gain or lose electrons to b...

Resolved Question: A water molecule is polar because its hydrogen and oxygen atoms?

A water molecule is polar because its hydrogen and oxygen atoms A. both lose electrons. B. become ions. C. both gain electrons. D. do not share the electrons equally.

Resolved Question: How could an atom of sodium with eleven electrons become stable ?

How could an atom of sodium with eleven electrons (two in the first energy level, eight in the second energy level, and one in the third energy level) become stable? A. gaining one electron and becoming a positively charged ion B. losing one electr...

Resolved Question: An atom that has two electrons in the outer shell, such as calcium, would most likely...?

Chemists/Physicists Answer Only a. share to acquire a completed outer shell b. lose these two electrons and become a negatively charged ion c. lose these two electrons and become a positively charged ion d. bind with carbon by way of hydrogen bon...

Resolved Question: How do you know which ions lose electrons when they become ions and which ones gain?

in this question, i dont know what and acetate is, but still, how would you know its charge unless you know if it loses of gains electrons and how do you know that?? SORRY! i forgot to add the question! here it is: The sum of the oxidation numbers on...

Resolved Question: Confused about hydrogen ions?

i have a quiz tomorrow and my teacher wants me to explain hydrogen ions and what happens to them when you put it in an aqueous acidic solution. there was something about the hydrogen losing its electron and basically becoming a proton? and it becomes...

Resolved Question: Why can Hydrogen atom become an ion or part of a molecule?

Please help! Much appreciated! I am not very good in chemistry! Thanks!

Resolved Question: How is a hydrogen atom normally converted to a positive ion?

How is a hydrogen atom normally converted to a positive ion? a. It gains one proton. b. It gains two protons. c. It loses one electron. d. It loses two electrons.

Resolved Question: So a hydrogen atom can't loose an electron without being "attached" to another atom?

the question before this was "can an atom of hydrogen loose its one electron?..." the best answer was " a hydrogen atom loses its one electron when it becomes an ion. this can happen in two stages. first the hydrogen has to combine with an element s...

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