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Resolved Question: How do i get my ets orders amended?

I got out of the Army on June 28, 2013 but i was supposed to get out in 2017. I have been trying to get my ETS travel voucher for my move back to Michigan but i can't because my ETS orders say i got out in 2017. I was told i need to get an amendment ...

Resolved Question: What happens if i dont sumbit my army travel voucher after 6 months of my ETSing?

I am in the army but i just ets'ed. i would like to know what happens if i dont submit my travel voucher after the 6 month mark? Does it just mean I wont get any reimbursement? Thank you!!! will i get in any kind of trouble?

Resolved Question: I need Kosovo visa information?

dear brothers, i have Ethiopian passport and i want to visit Kosovo please i now its visa free, but it needed for hotel booking or invitation letter, so please if someone help that i will glad to me.. thanks

Resolved Question: French Tourist Visa for Filipino?

I am a Filipino working in China for almost 3 years. I want to travel to France. I want to know the required documents of availing tourist visa and the process.

Resolved Question: 2 in one question for all you lovely ladies?!?

Question 1: My fiances sister is pregnant, due to have the baby in September. By the time we get around to our wedding date, his niece will be 2, nearly 3. I currently have a 2 year old goddaughter (who is like my little sister, we even take her on h...

Resolved Question: I just ETS'd and am wondering how long it takes to get my travel voucher pay from finance.?

My terminal leave for the ARMY started dec102008 and my ets was jan233009. i submitted my travel voucher paperwork on jan8th.

Resolved Question: I Need Round Trip To LAS VEGAS! (cheap) Please Help!?

I'm lookin to leave on Friday October 5th and return on Monday October 8th. I'm lookin to leave from either Boston or Providence! I'm lookin for two tickets. (2 passengers) I'm lookin for non-stop or a very short lay-over. I'm lookin to arrive in...

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