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Resolved Question: What are good Toddler formulas?

What's the difference between baby formulas from toddler formulas

Resolved Question: Emperical and Molecular Formulas?

I need help with ^^^. The empirical formula is CH2O. how do i get the molecular formula from that?

Resolved Question: Chemistry (Empirical Formula)?

A hydrocarbon contains 82.76% Carbon and 17.24% Hydrogen by mass. (a) Calculate the Empirical Formula of the compound (b) Calculate the Molecular Formula of the compound, if it's molar mass is 58g.

Resolved Question: What Is This Empirical Formula?

What is the empirical formula for C9H20?

Resolved Question: Can someone explain Empirical & molecular formulas?

If a compound is found to contain 80% carbon and 20% hydrogen, what is the empirical formula of the compound? Please explain how you do this.

Resolved Question: Looking for organic formula??

Any suggestions for the best organic formula?

Resolved Question: Empirical and molecular formulas?

Cadeverine contains 58.55% C, 13.81% N by mass. It's molar mass is 102.2 g/mol. What is the empirical and molecular formula? A hydrate of magnesium bromide is found to contain 37% H2O by mass. What is the formula?

Resolved Question: Baby formula questions?

I going to bottle feed my babyboy and i want to know what the best formula is for no gas and thats good for the baby? Im leaning towards Similac Organic liquid formula, Similac Advance or Similac Sensitive. Can anybody give me any input on this formu...

Resolved Question: Question about Excel Formula?

When making a percentage formula, could someone please tell me what the $ sign means in the formula. (example, $I$51) I know that I would be the column and 51 the row, but not sure why $ was used. Thank you.

Resolved Question: Formula?!??!?

what do u suggest is the best formula and why thanks

Resolved Question: Spearman-Brown formula?

how can Spearman-Brown formula can be explained or interrupt. I mean when you get the results?

Resolved Question: Formula question?

What is the best formula to give your baby? I really want to give him organic. I'm still nursing but am having to supplement with formula.

Resolved Question: Interest formula?

If I invest 75 dollars a week for 20 years annually, how much money will I have? Formula?

Resolved Question: Formula unit?

Please explain how to find number of formula units in 4.42 grams of Cs(3)PO(4)

Resolved Question: Physics Formula?

What is the standerd error formula?

Resolved Question: Molecular formulas????

and empirical formulas??? what is the empirical formula for (CH2)2(OH)2?

Resolved Question: Best formula for me?

im 32 which baby formula is best for me to drink from my bottle?

Resolved Question: Quadratic Formula?

How did the quadratic formula come about? (history)

Resolved Question: Excel formula?

What formula can I enter so that excel will always calculate the last working day of the current month? I think I have to use the Workday formula.. Thanks!

Resolved Question: What type of formula is best?

Does anyone know what type of formula is best and why? thanks :)

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