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Resolved Question: Did Fredricka Whitfield apologize for calling the attempt to kill cops in Dallas as "courageous and brave" because the guy was white?

He would be championed and lionized by the Left if he was black, but he's used to demonize republicans and the tea party because he was white. Another fine example of LIEberal fvck-scum hypocrisy?

Open Question: Have most people generally become incapable of understanding and sensibility in regards to mistakes?

I stumbled upon a media feeding frenzy surrounding Fredricka Whitfield and her using the words brave and courageous when speaking about the actions of a man firing upon the Dallas PD. Bravery and courage are generally connoted with something exemp...

Resolved Question: Guys: of this list of newscasters; who would you pick?

soledad o'brien fredricka whitfield robin meade richelle carey michelle beadle julie chen Rachel Ray I know Rachel isn't a news anchor but just wanted to put her in this list anyway. If you could who would you be #1 on your list and who would...

Resolved Question: Fredricka whitfield's race?

What is her ethnic background roots exactly? She looks perhaps half black half Armenian, or maybe part Indian? Anyone know?

Resolved Question: Conservative Women vs Liberal Women?

This is for those knuckleheads who are always posting and stating that Conservative women are better looking than Liberal Women. Every single day they seem to pose the question, so I thought I would start a list of Beautiful looking Liberal Women. ...

Resolved Question: Why did a CNN correspondent try to push Obama's agenda despite cries by the crowd against Obamacare?

At the start of segment with CNN Radio Capitol Hill correspondent Lisa Desjardins this afternoon, CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield forewarned the audience there might be some yelling during the report. There was. Including shouts of "go home, CNN" and...

Resolved Question: Who is CNN's Frederika Whitfield married to and how long have they been married? Any children?

CNN's correspondent Frederika Whitfield is married but to whom, for how long and do they have any children?

Resolved Question: Saw a similar question for Fred Whitfield, so why not? How old is Betty Nguyen of CNN? Birthday? Involvements?

I saw a similar question for Fredricka Whitfield of CNN, so why not? It has been like pulling teeth to find out what Betty Nguyen's (CNN) birthday is and who she is involved with? It isn't like she is an obscure waitress, or auto detailer in Pennsy...

Resolved Question: Which CNN anchor/reporter(s) would you most want to be "Up Close and Personal" with for an evening?

Amy Holmes, Soledad O'Brien, AsunciĆ³n "Sunny" Hostin, Veronica De La Cruz, Mallika Kapur, Lola Ogunnaike, Femi Oke, Robin Meade, Kareen Wynter, Anjali Rao, Stephanie Elam, Kiran Chetry, Lisa Sylvester, Erica Hill, Fredricka Whitfield, former anchor...

Resolved Question: Is Fredricka Whitfield still employed by CNN?

I have not seen Fredricka on CNN in a few weeks... Is she still with the network? Thanks!

Resolved Question: CNN anchor: Fredricka Whitfield very awkward?

I'm watching the CNN coverage about the search for the climbers, beause the searchers are on the mountain right now, but she is making it so awkward! She always makes the news reporting so awkward, and odd. Anyone else think that as well?

Resolved Question: Who is the sexiest CNN anchor?

Take your pick!!! THE WOMEN: Heidi Collins Carol Costello Nancy Grace Carol Lin Soledad O'Brien Kyra Phillips Fredricka Whitfield Paula Zahn THE MEN: Wolf Blitzer Jack Cafferty Anderson Cooper Lou Dobbs Dr. Sanjay Gupta Larry King ...

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