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Resolved Question: Are the new Furbys good and what can they do if they're so expensive?

I had old Furbys in the past,I loved them like the pet my parents never got convinced to get me,so are the new ones good?Are they worth the money?Seriously,in my country they're like 70euros!What can they do?

Resolved Question: Will resetting a furby erase it's memory?

When a furby dies, and you press the reset button, will it start over and forget everything? Also, how CAN you erase their memory? So my question is how can you erase their memory and how can you fix them when they die without erasing their memory? P...

Resolved Question: My furby is not acting it's self?

I got a furby that doesnt need batteries so when it woke up, it wasn't acting herself? What should I do? I play with it. I am worried! Help. Please be serious and nice about it.

Resolved Question: Is there anything like a furby for boys?

I am looking for a toy like a furby that is more boyish and will recognize voices and can do some of the things a furby does.

Resolved Question: Do Old Furbys Have 2012 Features?

I want a black and white Furby, but it's 2005. If I got the black and white one, would it have 2012 features. Or are the features all the same, but the colors are different in 2012? Ten points. Crossing fingers...

Resolved Question: Why did the furby say that without batteries?

my friend was telling me about how her and her friend used to be obsessed with furbys. well one night she was sleeping over there and she claimed something about the furby i don't know but she said she took the batteries out and put it under her frie...

Resolved Question: How do you turn on a original adult furby?

i have a original adult furby from 1999. but i can not turn it on!

Resolved Question: Aren't furbys for girls?

My husband was saying that they were more for guys, but I always laughed when I saw boys with them. So back me up? lol like you tube the commercial because um...yea like he said for both girls and boys equally but the commercial only has chicks like ...

Resolved Question: Do you think they should remake furbys?

i know ppl thought they were evil but i just believed they done sumtin wrong while makin them or sumtin furbys are really cute well the 2005 ones the other ones were kinda freaky and if you have any stories about them please tell and real ones not f...

Resolved Question: Can someone please write me a rap about furbys The title is pur like a furby :)?

Just a stupid rap thing me friends are doing in school need help with the rap please

Resolved Question: What generation is the 2005 Furby?

What generation is the 2005 Furby? Does it carry on from the originals, or is it just 'The 2005 Furby'?

Resolved Question: Furby commands????

i just found my old 2005 furby and i dont remember the commands!!!!he is sssooooo ♥♡cute♥♡ but i cant talk to him!!HELP!!!!!

Resolved Question: I think my Furby's sick. What do I do?

I just got this furby from a yard sale and after I put batteries in it, all it does is sneeze. I feel bad cuz I dont know what to do. I read online that I'm supposed to feed in a bunch of times for it to get better. Ive fed it about 15-20 times now a...

Resolved Question: More Furby/hamster help please!!!! Easy question!!!!?

So i've posted two questions about my hamster, and both times it was about the hamster wipes. You see, people are saying not to use them but it says non-toxic meaning if he licks himself, he won't get sick. So, should i still use them? And also, afte...

Resolved Question: How do you manoevor a Furby?

does anyone no how to work a Furby toy?!?!?

Resolved Question: Anyone have a Furby?

Remember Furbys? Little fuzzy mechanical toys that came out in the late 90's? Well, I have one. I took it out of the closet to show my grandkids. However, When I installed new batteries, it doesn't work. I put it away about 6 years ago, and took the ...

Resolved Question: With what do i have to feed my furby?What is his food?

I have a Furby.In his box,there is only a spoon.What is his food?

Resolved Question: Where would I find the furby manual?

I don't understand him when he talks, and I would like to have instructions on how to make him do other tricks.

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