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Open Question: What was this commercial for?

It was a commercial where a girl with black hair and her husband/boyfriend are running around the house pulling pieces of paper off the walls and stairs to reveal decorations and items. I think it was a home depot or lowes commercial but I am not sur...

Resolved Question: Whats that song from the lowes commercial?

One lyric that i heard is "" looking through a lense of gold, only with my naked eye". Its in that lowes commercial where the girl is drawing on the walls and it turns into furniture and stuff.. sorry if what i described is a bit vague. Iff u know pl...

Resolved Question: What is the song in the spanish lowes commercial?

the commercial shows a little girl and her dad on a playground and then it transforms into a picture and then it shows the mom painting near a staircase. the commercial later shows their house. they usually play this commercial on the univision chann...

Resolved Question: Who is this girl?(lowes commercial)?

Resolved Question: Who sings the song in this Lowe's commercial?

Its the one where the girl rolls out the grass and it makes the backyard pretty please help and they play this commercial currently

Resolved Question: What is the song on the lowes commercial called? ?

It's a girl singing and says "don't stop doing what you're doing"

Resolved Question: What is the song in the new Valspar commercial for Lowe's?

It is the newest Valspar commercial where all the colors run together and collide under a little girl as she swings on a swing set?!!?!?!

Resolved Question: What is the song on the new my Lowe's commercial?

it's a girl singing and it shows a lot of paint flying and swirling everywhere. I really like this song but I can not find it anywhere.

Resolved Question: What is the song in this commercial? PLEASE HELP!?

I think it is a Lowes commercial but it is the commercial in where the house comes apart and all the walls and appliances are separated when the people walk into the house. The lyrics are like: "Home... is where we are... home... is where i wanna be!...

Resolved Question: Song in lowes commercial?

Plz help I heard this song on the new Lowes commercial and Iov it!! It goes home is where you are, home is where I wanna be

Resolved Question: Was The Girl From What Would You Do In A Lowe's Commercial?!?

Was Tracy Hovel from ABC's What Would You Do in a commercial for Lowe's? The woman in the commercial looked exactly like her, but I can't find anything online to confirm it. I know that the commercial was about a son that wanted to paint his room a...

Resolved Question: Song for new Lowe's commercial?

Whats the song for the new Lowe's commercial where the house dissembles then assembles again?

Resolved Question: Lowes commercial song name?

I was wondering what the name of the song is in the newest Lowes commercial! It goes something like "home is where you are, home is where I wanna be!" that's all I remember! But if you know then please tell me! Thank you!

Resolved Question: Whats the song on the new Lowe's commercial? ?

Its where the couple comes home and the house starts separating into pieces. The lady singing, home is where you are. Home is where you want to be...

Resolved Question: Is the actor in the Lowe's paint commercial the same actor in the Ally Bank commercials?

I was watching the commercial from Lowe's where the husband and wife are trying to paint over the stripes in their living room, and I realized the husband bears a striking resemblance to the guy in those Ally Bank commercials who rips off the kids wi...

Resolved Question: Does anyone know where I can find links for Lowe's Commercials?

It's the commercial where the daughter wants to paint her room the same color purple as her phone ("Rocker Girl") but I can't find any trace of the color. Help?

Resolved Question: In the New Lowes Commercial...HELP!?

, there is a mixed girl with a mixed guy. In the commercial he sees tools in the livingroom and then a picture frame of a house, and she comes in and says WE GOT IT! And it shows her at Lowes buying stuff...does anyone know who the mixed girl is? I f...

Resolved Question: I don't understand the latest Lowe's commerical with the "t"?

Have you seen the Lowe's commerical with the little girl that writes a "t" on the window and then the broom and stuff i don't know what it means! Help

Resolved Question: Lowe's "Calming Green Paint" Commercial?

I was Watching Lost today, and I saw a commercial for Lowe's in which the Husband and Wife are looking for a new paint color for a room. The lady assisting them suggests a calming green, and the scene flashes to the pair panting the room while the ch...

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