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Resolved Question: Hannah Montana Wireless Quest game question! reply quickly!!?

i am playing the hannah montana wireless quest game on disneychannel, and every time i get a video message, the video doesnt play. i dont understand why. it always worked before, but this time when i click play, it just turns black. this sounds reall...

Resolved Question: Hannah Montana Wireless Quest Game!?!?!?!?

So im trying to play Hannah Montana Wireless Quest but everytime i do get a quest or a clue or whatever it wont let me do wat the clue says and then i TRY to use the GPS but it never lets me move. Can someone PLEASE help me!

Resolved Question: Hannah Montana Wireless Quest!?

I have been playing this game, Hannah Montana Wireless Quest and i really need to know the step by step instructions.....right now i am at the part where the trophy case has a message on it and it says banner in a12, and i wwent to the banner and it ...

Resolved Question: Answer quickly?!?!?! wireless quest? Hannah montana?

Answer quickly?!?!?! wireless quest? Hannah montana? i need to know what the green hint meens?!?!?! what is that for? 10 minutes ago - 3 days left to answer. Additional Details 0 seconds ago ok- there was a note on the cafiteria menu and it said GR...

Resolved Question: How do I beat the Hannah Montana Wireless Quest Game?!?!?!?

I have tried so many times to beat the Wireless Quest Game. I can never take any pictures, or get any clues. It always tells me that I don't need to take a picture of that, or that it is useless. How do I beat this game?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Resolved Question: Hannah Montana Wireless Quest HELP!!!?

I know this is for kids, but I don't even know the first step of the Hannah Montana Game Wireless Quest. I always get the pictures. So first I get the trophy or the picture of a clock tower. Please tell me the first 10 or 15 steps of the trophy or th...

Resolved Question: How do you win the hannah montana wireless quest?

okay i was playing this game on disney channel and it was really hard tell me how to win it PLEASE!!!

Resolved Question: How to Solve Hannah Montana Wireless Quest?

I have the picyure of the moose and im at the lock right now. I have only 5:37 seconds left.I despratly need help because everyone says that when you click on the moose picture that the combo shows up but it doesnt. Please Help! Hannah Montana Wirele...

Resolved Question: Aghhhh!! I need help on Hannah Montana: Wireless Quest!!!!!! Please?

Ok, I can't do anything. It probably sounds childish, but I was bored and I was googling stuff, and this game came up. And I started to play, and it's starting to drive me nuts! I've gotten a video clip where this one chick is going "I'm really reall...

Resolved Question: Hannah montana's wireless quest help!!!!!?

ok i am at the part where i dialed,*555-0190*. it showed a video where lilly and oliver are talking about how oliver used to like cake more than girls. i got the cake in the cafiteria. it said"225" what do i do now?!!!!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!??!? HELP ME!!...

Resolved Question: Hannah montana wireless quest game help?

I have got to the end of the hannah montana wireless quest game but it says something about geography what does it mean??????

Resolved Question: If anyone has any walkthrough to any one of the Hannah Montana Wireless Quest PLEASE answer!?

I need help here! people please answer! please give me a walk through. if you dont have one, then dont write at all!

Resolved Question: Hannah Montana Wireless Quest?

whats the website to play Hannah Montana Wireless Quest? help mee PLEASEEE

Resolved Question: Hannah Montana's Wireless Quest?

Where do you go to play Hannah Montana's Wireless Quest? Basically is it a site or something? Or is it a PC game you have to buy? []

Resolved Question: Hannah Montana Wireless Quest game...!!!?

I'm playing Hannah Montana's game Wireless Quest. I have the first clues, but I have to go somewhere else in the school. However, whenever I try to go out of the hallway it says : Can't go any further. Better use the GPS map to access another area. B...

Resolved Question: In hannah montana wireless quest game?

in hannah montana wireless quest game after i type in 555-0100 where will i go next?

Resolved Question: Hannah Montana Wireless Quest!! PLZZZ helps!!?

Yahoo! Answers - Hannah Montana Wireless Quest!! PLZZZ help!! im playing the hannah montana game and whats the trick to it? everytime i try to take a pic of the whiteboard or anything else it tells me that its not a great photo subject and when I jus...

Resolved Question: Hannah Montana Wireless Quest: Blue hat??

I'm playing the Hannah Montana Wireless Quest on DisneyChannel and I just got a video where the dad tips his cap to Miley/Hannah. What is that supposed to mean? Where do I go?

Resolved Question: CODE?! WHERE?! Hannah Montana Wireless Quest. Locker combination?

For the Hannah Montana game, how do you find the code for Jackson's lock. There is nothing whatsoever about it. Except something to do with green? I dont know. Somebody please help me! I really need help. The locker combination is impossible. Hannah ...

Resolved Question: Hannah Montanna Wireless Quest?

OMGSh. i can not figure out this game. i just got a text from lily saying The CLOCKS got a message for you and Jacksons Said hurry up the CLOCK is ticking i went to the clock but its not letting me do anythinggg helpp!

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