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Resolved Question: Should I drop Hines Ward?

Im thinking about dropping Hines Ward and picking up Denarius Moore. He is on the raiders Should I do it. Ive seen nothing good of Ward so far.

Resolved Question: Plaxico Burress or Hines Ward?

Which would you rather have on a fantasy football team and why? Roy Williams is also available...

Resolved Question: Who should win Dancing With the Stars?

Hine Ward Christie Alley Chelsey and Mark

Resolved Question: Polamalu, Roethlisberger, Wallace, or Hines Ward jersey?

I'm getting a white Super Bowl XLV jersey. Which Jersey should i get? Polamalu - Retire in next year, amazing SS, known for one of the best Steeler players ever. Roethlisberger - Self explanatory Mike Wallace - 2nd year successful WR, more years to ...

Resolved Question: Should i trade cadillac williams for hines ward?

should i trade cadillac williams for hines ward?

Resolved Question: Hines Ward or Nate Burleson?

Should I start Hines Ward or Nate Burleson in flex position this week? I am on the fences with this one.

Resolved Question: Hines Ward or Lance Moore?

Ward is going against the Titans D while Moore is going against the Lions. I know Ward is always thrown to, but the Titans D is nice, and the Lions D is pretty bad and Drew Brees throws to everyone. What do you guys think?

Resolved Question: Hines Ward a dirty player?

I don't understand why people keep saying he is so dirty! So what if he blocks defenders? People jump up and down when their defence slams a quaterback. What's the difference if Ward does it? A defence player should be able to take it. I personally...

Resolved Question: A bounty on Hines Ward?

according to Terrell Suggs, Ward is a marked man. the questions: Do you think Ward is a dirty player? Why or Why Not? Do you think he deserves a bounty on his head? Why or Why Not? If he deserves the bounty, how much should it be? I personally ...

Resolved Question: Hines Ward a dirty player?

There's alot of talk around about Hines Ward being a dirty player. Now after this weeks jaw breaking hit on Keith Rivers I'm sure the talks gonna get worse. I think he's a great player and just does what all offensive players should do, and I don't s...

Resolved Question: Info of Hines Ward?

I have to know about Hines Ward. I'm doing research about Hines plz tell me all about Hines ty

Resolved Question: Patrick Crayton or Hines Ward?

Hines Ward will be at cincanatti and Patrick Crayton will be at GB. I have Ben Rothlesburger at QB and i have Jason Whitten as a TE and T.O at WR. So i was thinking Hines Ward because i already have 2 Dallas offense players....but it is saying stuff ...

Resolved Question: Hines ward or Derrick Mason?

Hines ward going against Baltimore or Derrick Mason going against Pittsburgh

Resolved Question: Is WR Hines Ward over the hill?

Is Steelers WR Hines Ward still a premier starting WR, or is he now in the Issac Bruce/Rod Smith/Amani Toomer class of receivers? And who's the #1 guy in Pitt, Ward or Santonio Holmes?

Resolved Question: Devin hester for Hines Ward?

I get Ward, it was offered to me its just 8 points for a return TD nothing for return yards but I figured why do this when Santonio holmes is a FA. also the league MIGHT be turned into a keeper league sooo

Resolved Question: Who can i get in return if I trade Hines Ward???

im looking for wide recievers in return. list some possibilities

Resolved Question: Hines Ward or Mushin Muhammid ??????

Hines Ward or Mushin Muhammid? need a for sure play for fisrt place!!!!!! Give it to me straight!!!!!!!

Resolved Question: Hines Ward at Denver or Bernard Berrian in Miami?

Which to start? My bad - Hines Ward at Home vs Denver.

Resolved Question: Hines ward?

whos better? hines ward or muhsen muhammad? yeah, i meant fantasy-wise, im considering trading muhammad for ward, but im not sure about it because ward has been terrible so far. should i make the trade?

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