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Resolved Question: Why wont my tablet charge?

Its a trio tablet. Its not the cord because the cord works with my moms phone. I plug it in and It doesnt charge I even mess around with it and it still doesn't charge. Please do not tell me to go to a professtional because thats not helping me at al...

Open Question: How do i fix my trio stealth 10 tablet?

It shut down and i was stuck on boot screen unable to get past it except once but it froze on the lock screen when doig the pattern so had to shut it off and never got to that again i only got boot loops or boot freezes. I tried a reset multiple meth...

Open Question: Tablet touch screen not responding?

I have a Trio Stealth G2 10.1 tablet and the top part of the screen will not respond to touch. I have tried resetting it multiple times with no luck... any ideas?

Open Question: If I factory reset me tablet with it fix the promblem I have with my wifi?

If I factory reset my android trio stealth pro 7 tablet will it fix the problem I'm have with my wifi like when I'm connected to good internet it says that i'm not connected on my textplus app and my wifi bars are suppose to be blue but they are grey...

Resolved Question: My tablet is just showing the word Android. Help!?!?!?!?

It just shows the word Android and starts lighting up it has be 4 hours and it has still not turned on. Also my power button is stuck in but I don't have enough money to get it repaired. Brand: Trio Model: Trio Stealth Pro 4.0 Please help I need it ...

Resolved Question: All of the apps on my android tablet has stop working, it says "unfortunately this app has stopped"?

It happened since last night all of a sudden. When i click on any app, a small window pops up and it says "unfortunately this app has stopped." I have a 4.0 android Trio Stealth 7'in tablet that i just bought from Radioshack a week ago. Only the brow...

Resolved Question: How to hard reset an android tablet?

I have trio stealth pro 9.7 and when i turn it on it gets stuck on the android boot logo. I want to know if i can do a hard reset to solve this problem?

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