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Resolved Question: How Should I Cook My Turkey?

I have a 48 oz, or 3 lbs, Butterball Turkey that's almost unthawed and ready for cooking, but how should I cook it? All I really have to cook it in is an oven, but what should I do to it (seasonings) and how long should I cook it? Not sure if it's a ...

Resolved Question: Turkey Defrosting Help?

Hi, last night, we bought a 14 1/2 pound turkey by Butterball. It is the 23rd, and we need it by Thanksgiving. How should we defrost it? TIA Best answer gets 10 pts!

Resolved Question: Senior Citizens-Who bake?

or cook a Turkey, how do you do it to keep it from drying out..=) I thought I ask here first..aren't we suppose to be smart? LOL Ladies-how do you inject a turkey? I have a 21 pound turkey(butterball). do you think a bag is gonna be fun to put a turk...

Resolved Question: Recipe and instructions for preparing a Turkey breast for Thanksgiving?

Its just my wife and I this year for Thanksgiving, so, I'd like a good recipe for preparing a turkey breast. The ones I've seen in the store here are about 3-5 pounds. Also, in the cooking instructions, could you please advise how we might need to ...

Resolved Question: Can anyone please tell me how to chose out a turkey and how to cook it?

This is my first time cooking a turkey for my family and i have no clue how. There are about 8 people including my family that will be coming over. Is there any easy or simple side dishes i can added to the turkey as well please add in the recipes. T...

Resolved Question: Need recipe for sweet and sour turkey strips.?

I used to buy a turkey product--teriyaki strips by JUST PERFECT. They had a great sweet and sour recipe on back of the package. I think this company has been absorbed by the Butterball people--as a result, I can't find the product anymore. Has anyone...

Resolved Question: Does anyone have an alternative to brine turkey?

yesterday i read an easier alternative to brininng a turkey ..cannot find it today anybody out there to help!! am cooking the safeway 2 hour recipe anmd would like to make it better than last year which came out pretty good!

Resolved Question: How to warm a pre cooked turkey?

I just picked up a large pre cooked turkey from Mrs. Green's market. There weren't instructions on how to reheat it. I called and they said 5-7 minutes (I kept asking per pound?) and he kept saying NO. Just warm it for 5-7 minutes at 200 degrees a...

Resolved Question: BBQ Turkey...anyone out there do it on the grill???

Thinking about doing a turkey on the grill for the fourth. Has anyone out there done it. How was it? How did you do it?

Resolved Question: What kind of HEALTHY recipes can I make with whole wheat Pita bread and Tortillas?

I love vegetables and I need some healthy recipes for whole wheat pita bread and whole wheat tortillas... what can i make with them? Thanks.

Resolved Question: How long do I?

How long do I cook the turkey for? Its a 13.02 pound butterball turkey. How long and at what temperature do i cook it so it comes out juicy and moist? Thanks

Resolved Question: Is it really worth it to get a farm fresh turkey for Thanksgiving?

It costs $2.19 per pound where as at Shoprite I can get a free one (frozen). The supermarket also offers fresh for $.30 a lb. Will that be as good as the fresh ones from a farm?

Resolved Question: Can someone give me step by step instructions for cooking a Butterball turkey?

I've never cooked a turkey but I am going to do it tomorrow. I know there are instuctions printed on it, but I'd rather learn from someone who has actually done it before! I need step by step, don't-skip-a-thing kind of instructions, or I'll find a w...

Resolved Question: 19 years young. Christmas Meal for Parents.?

Hey guys. This year my parents have done a lot for me and I wanted to do something for them for Christmas. I have purchased them gifts but I think which will really make an impression would be a nice meal. Any suggestions on what to make them? And i...

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