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Open Question: Bank teller position question?

About a week ago I applied for a few bank teller positions at PNC. The day after I applied I got a call from someone asking me about my cash handling experience and what my schedule was like. They then told me to take an assesment. A few hours I took...

Resolved Question: PNC Bank Application process?

I sent my resume to PNC Bank via their career website. I received an e-mail asking me to self-register for a brief phone interview. I did that and then Monday morning I got the call. The nice lady over the phone said she was going to move forward and...

Resolved Question: I had a interview with pnc bank for a teller?

And pnc recruiter call me back an asked if i would be interested in customer service associate at the branch i said yes n i had to resumit my app and fill out a criminal questionaree so i did and its been almost a week a i never heard anything yet......

Resolved Question: Pnc Bank Teller Recruiting Process?

I applied for a Teller Position at PNC BANK. I got an email the very next day to take an audio questionare, after I took that, I recieved another email asking me to take an assessment and fill out a External Application. I have done both of those, an...

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