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Resolved Question: Does sting, steve borden, have ties to western new york?

I am a borden. I have not seen my father since I was 2 years old. However, my mother told me that while she was living with my father she remembers a guy coming to the house with a blue painted face and was attempting to become a wrestler while she w...

Resolved Question: Is steve(sting)borden divorcing his wife?

I love pro-wrestling and I happenend to notice that he was no longer wearing his wedding ring so,naturally that spiked my curiosity. Sting is my all time favorite wrestler and I hope that it's not the case because thay have been married for about 23...

Resolved Question: Wrestling Quiz (Easy/Medium Difficulty)?

1. The Fourth Member to join the original nWo was _______________ 2. Buff Bagwells finishing move is called ______________ 3. Edge first debuted on television in this promotion __________ and wrestled under the ring name _________ 4. The Big Show als...

Resolved Question: How Can I Explore My Geneology? Are You Related to Me? Are you a 'Mays', 'Penney', 'Hanks', or Nicar? is a bit much for me right now. However, I have some very interesting older relatives and would really like to do a bit of research on them and go back from there to discover others in our family. My dad's side was, I heard as a child ...

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