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Resolved Question: Dior dress in the commerical jadore?

Whered they get the dress from the commercial jadore perfume commercial, the gold dress with sparkles and the neck necklace?????? If it can be bought then how much is the necklace if the dress is expensive???????

Resolved Question: Who is the black-haired woman in the new Dior commercial?

Who is the black-haired woman in the new Dior commercial? I love the new Dior commercial! It's so wonderful to see the ultra glamorous Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, and Marilyn Monroe in such splendid CGI. I really don't care for Theron. But I was w...

Resolved Question: Teens why are perfume commercials so darn sexy and sophisticated?

I notice that they play them alot during the holiday season, and I was wondering why are they sexy and sophisticated?!?! I love it though My favorite one is the Jadore by Dior one. This model is backstage of a fashion show with Marilyn Monroe and th...

Resolved Question: Do you think Charlize Theron is Sexy? As a girl I even think she is HOT.

Resolved Question: What is the song on the Dior commercial?

There is a Dior commercial playing now and the lyrics are like "its a funny way to make ends meet when the lights are out on ?every? street, It feels alright... etc... Its called Dior J adore, and is on youtube... thanks!

Resolved Question: Jadore Dior commercial song?

I keep seeing this womens perfume commercial, I'm pretty sure it's called Jadore and the manufacturer is Dior or something like that. Anyways, I wanna know what the song is that's playing throughout the commercial, it has Charlize Theron in it and i...

Resolved Question: Who is singing on the newest Christian Dior commercial for Jadore?

Charlize Theron is the actress that appears in the newest version of this commercial.

Resolved Question: Who Sings the Song in the Christian Dior Commercial for Jadore featuring Charlize and Marilyn Monroe?

Charlize Theron is running into a fashion show event and she takes off her clothes and gets into a gold beaded dress

Resolved Question: Whats the song in the latest dior commercial?

the one with marilyn monroe and some girl walks down a runway... whats the song in the background? i like it

Resolved Question: Did I write this correctly in French?

I didn't add the accents, I add them after I print (it's easier for me) I just needed to know if it makes sense in French. I don't need translations and I don't need extra words to put in, just please check to make sure I wrote correctly in French an...

Resolved Question: Who is the women in the jadore commercial?

who is the lady in this commerical? thanks everyone!!! jayjayyy... you should learn how to spell "who"

Resolved Question: Where can i find the gold and black dress Charlize Theron is wearing in the new Jadore commercial?

i fell in love wit the dress she's wearing in this commercial.. i want to wear it for prom but i can't find it.. if anyone knows where i can find it .. i'll be so thankfull.. THANKS.........=(

Resolved Question: Who sings the song in the background of the Jadore perfume commercial?

The commercial where the lady is walking down a long hallway and taking off her jewelry and dress as she is walking and throwing them to the floor. I love that song and want to download it.

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