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Resolved Question: What were "fobs" in British antique jewelry used for?

Did people stamp personal letters with them, or were they just trinkets? Thanks in advance.

Resolved Question: Is there a symbol for the word believe?

im looking for the Celtic symbol for the word believe its difficult can anyone help me

Resolved Question: What can i do with my spiral notebooks?

i just got a bunch of plain spiral notebooks because they were 15 cents each...and now i have no idea what to do with them. i hate writing stories. and ive tried to journal and it didnt work...any other ideas?? im 15 by the way....please help! and pl...

Resolved Question: Does anyone recognize this?

I wouldn't mind getting a mat like this for my front door: Do you think it has any particular meaning?

Resolved Question: What does my dream about a key and jewels mean?

I was w/ my sister at a jewelry stall I had a longlist of things to buy I thought she bought them for me but she bought a bunch of beaded necklace though in a showbox right under the botton i found a very small delicate light sterling key stamped ste...

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